Saturday, June 22, 2013

Birthdays all around

Yesterday my sweet Rebeka turned 11.  She LOVES her birthday and its a very big deal.  Its all my fault as I love birthdays too and from the very 1st one made a major drama of the day.  The problem is trying to maintain that level of excitement and not let the day be an ant-climax which its bound to be.  Last year she had a shitty birthday with 3 hours spent on the ferry in Thailand.  You would think Thailand would be an awesome place to spend your birthday but most of the day consisted of traveling and they all got spending money for their birthdays so gifts were minimal.  This year the day was carefully planned for max birthdayness for my Becks.

Cupcakes for all at school, alone time brunch with Dad, shopping at the mall with Mimi and Mom and finally movies just the 2 of us watching Monsters Inc 2.  She knows I hate the mall and she LOVES it so really appreciated me shopping with her waiting patiently while she tried things on got to choose what she liked.  They love clothes and have since tiny unlike their brother who never considered clothes a gift until at least 13.  Sofie turns 9 this coming Saturday and she wants to go ice-skating.  My baby girl turning 9?!   Fortunately both parties are over and then its just Daniel on the 3rd of July who turns 17.   How did I get to this stage?   9, 11, 17?   I am VERY glad I don't have a baby or toddler and very glad I am totally done.  I will always envy women with 4 kids and would have loved 4 but I am over it.  No great longing for that 4th, no more adoption talk or dreams or thoughts.  It took years to let it go but at this point in my life, I am happy with older kids.  Next year my boy has his last year of high school.   Its a cliche but time does fly by and last week as I watched him walk to the car I wandered who this big gorgeous boy was?   My Daniel?   I used to count the years one by one of getting him through school.  Having an ADHD child, a boy no less and getting them through school feels like a mountain.  Grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 and so you go on.  This term he worked really hard and his report is good so I am chuffed.  I think having a clever GF helps as they challenge each other.

Tonight its my brother-in-laws 40th so yet another birthday to celebrate which is divine.  He is 5 years younger than my sister so it feels like he has been 30 forever.  Once you hit 40 the playing field is even.  40, 42, 44, its all the same until some poor old sod hits FIFTY!   Even though I have this kid who is about to turn 17 I still feel super young myself.  I wish I had known I would feel like this at 42 which is great because perhaps at 50 I won't feel like such an old sod after all? 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tri training update

So half the year has gone and I think the huge goal of wanting to complete a triathlon is becoming more of a reality.  I wish I was naturally fit but unfortunately I have never been and its hard work for me.   I think back to high school now and my claim to fame is not very helpful…the clever kids became lawyers or doctors or professors of something.   The athletic jocks who were skilled sportsmen went one of 2 ways: they either became fat and lazy and never did a thing again or they stayed sporty and continued competing in running, cycling, swimming or even triathlons.  The beauty queens/models…not a very handy skill when you hit 42 and your looks have way gone.  

But hey, I have mind and I have matter and I am told by my mother how stubborn I am so by hook or by crook or by bloody sheer determination I will get this body fit and I will eventually enter AND complete a triathlon.    I started swimming training properly in January when I trained for xterra and as you know my 1st and only race so far was incredibly tough.  I have since joined a swim squad who swims twice a week and the fact that I have to pay forces me into my cozzie on freezing cold mornings and hit the pool.  I swim with real swimmers and I struggle for the whole hour feeling less than adequate.   I’m in the lane with the old guy and the older lady with fins.  Its hard-core super tough training and I could never make myself swim that hard.    My max so far has been 60 lengths no break of continuous swimming.  On Friday I did 80 lengths no break.  That’s a 2km swim and while I know the pool will never compare to the dam, the fact that I can swim it in one go in under 45 minutes means I am getting somewhere.

Running is a new thing for me and something I thought I could never do.  I started in April and I have a very long way to go, literally and figuratively.   I still get a stitch and the furthest distance I can do is 8km without stopping but 3 months ago my furthest was 1km.  I love the progress of training, the setting of goals and pushing myself.  I love the self-discipline it requires.   At gym the most I can do is 5km on the treadmill and I am puke tired and puce in the face afterwards but that 5km is done.   Slowly, slowly I will get better and faster and more efficient and my personal goal is running 10km solid in 1 hour without feeling like I am dying.  I don’t want to run 21km or 42km or any marathon distance.  10km, 1 hour, yes please.  This morning Angela and I did the 5km parkrun in 29 minutes through the vineyards in the light rain.  Gorgeous!

Cycling you ask.  Well that remains the little problem but I am 1 step closer.  I have now finally ordered the bike which should arrive next week.  I was even nervous and embarrassed cycling in the parking lot testing the bike but I didn’t fall off and I could actually still ride a bike.  That rock hard saddle scares me but the salesman assures me a postman’s bike big seat will not be more comfy.   I know I should try a spin class but that scares me too.   Next week I will find somewhere safe to ride and practice and just start.  It’s always the starting that’s the hardest, setting your goal and taking the 1st step. 
PS.  If anyone wants to train with me the 1st tri is only around November and it’s a sprint so short distances.  Also newbie cyclists or runners welcome to join us too.  My fellow partner in crime who is keen to do the tri with me is 29 years old so I need a few ballies my age!