Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Sofielicious!

Eleven?!  Say it isn't so.  Every birthday I want to freeze time and keep you little, you are growing up way too fast.  Our baby of our family, our Sofie, Sofia, Bliksie, Monkey.  Our Sofielicious. 

You and Daniel share many similar qualities and the one I admire the most is your refusal to bend to peer pressure.  That means you don't care if every girl is wearing blue, if you like purple then that's what YOU choose to wear.  You do what your own self and heart tells you to do and that is something that very few people get right, especially at 11.  The other day when I looked at your school book and loved how you used every single colour you told me how you were not allowed to.  You were only allowed to use grey and  you me many times teacher told you so but you love colour so colour it is.  Loose hair on civvies day and henna tattoos that have all your friends telling you you can't and wanting to tell on.  Sofie life will always be full of rules and many of them are good ones to keep us safe and to keep our society in some kind of order.  These ones you listen to, you ask why, if they make sense and they fit your heart and they fit how Jesus loves and lives then they are the ones to follow.  If they are silly and make no sense or are unkind or unfair to other people and you don't want to follow those then you stay true to who you are and what YOU know is right. This will not make your life easy and people will want to tell you how to live.  Know if Daddy and I have rules for you which I will have more and more of,  they are to keep you safe and to allow what you are ready for when you are grown up enough.

You know how Becks has the softest heart and gets sad really easily?  Don't be afraid of allowing yourself to be soft sometimes, to feel sad about things.  I know you act brave at school and in front of your friends but at home I am here for you and it is your safe place to feel and cry and be.  Be kind, always.  You will want to be ugly back but being kind makes someone lose lots of that ugliness and the world becomes a little nicer.

All 3 of you kids have a gift and it comes with responsibility.  Daniel is an entrepeneur, he will make plenty money one day and employ plenty people.  He will need to look after those people and he will need to look after people in our country less fortunate than him.  Rebeka has her compassion and sees everyone and everything.  God has chosen her to love on those people.  And you, you have something called presence and influence.  This means people see you and notice you and look up to you.  Like Daniel you are a leader and like me you are not afraid to fight for what you want.  Fight the good fight.  People will always act ugly in this world and you will always have people and animals who are bullied.  You stand up for them and you fight for them and you speak up when you know it is not right.  Right now you only have to open gifts and eat cake and then be eleven but when you are grown up you will do these things so I will get you to read all your birthday letters again. 

I love snuggling with you every night.  I love watching you dance and hearing you sing.  I love how you dress up even when we go to the shop for 5 minutes.  I am proud of you for working so hard at school when it is not always easy for you.  You are spunky and strong and beautiful and unique and we love you and are very proud of you.  Happy, happy birthday my Sofielicious Diva!


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy 13th birthday Rebeka

As you know I am not creative like you, Sofie and Mimi so I prefer to write you a birthday letter on my blog so you can come back and read today and many years from now too.
So where do I start?  Duh!

Happy, happy birthday Rebeka!
Every year you try and convince me its a BIG birthday but the real biggies are 1, 10, 13, 16, 18, 21 and then as you hit each decade.  So yes, today is a BIG birthday.
A teenager!  I have TWO teenagers in fact.  I am so very glad you are in no rush to grow up.  That you still like being little sometimes and you are.  You are your own person totally unique with nothing to prove to anyone.  Sometimes you will find yourself acting in a certain way or saying things you don't actually mean because you are with a bunch of girls and you want to fit in.  I totally get it but I also know that little uncomfortable niggle in your spirit that you feel will get you back to your true self.  Your true self is so special you never need to hide it or act in a different way to who you are.

When I have to decide about something I think about what I would tell you to do and what I believe you would do and I have my answer.  I have told you before your gift of compassion and sensitivity will make your life harder at times as you feel on a whole deeper level.  Your heart will get extra sad which is the suck part, the great part is that breathless excitement and joy that we thrive on.  Our sun is hotter and brighter, our love is all consuming and the beauty of the world created by God that much more lovely.  The ugly will be extra ugly and I wish I could say you will grow a thicker skin but you won't and you shouldn't.  The ability to feel so deeply will mean you will never be apathetic and your sense of fairness and what is right and good and true means you will fight extra hard for yourself and others.

I am so excited for you and all that awaits you in your teen years.  The rest of this year with your drama play and the revue, your Orange River trip and your grade 7 farewell.  And then we hit 2016...Rebeka the Rhenisher.  I am still super stoked you got into such a great school and I know you will have so much fun in high school.  I am so proud of you and enjoy your more than I could possibly describe.  I love your loud laugh and clumsy body and the way your food lands up all over your face.  I do NOT love your messy room but I guess you can't be perfect.

Trusting you have a special day today and feel loved by all of us.  Super happy you loved your party, you looked so very pretty.  I love you Rebeka Scarlett, today and every day always.  I thank God for the gift of you and know His spirit lives very happily in your soul guiding you, protecting you and loving you and helping Daddy and I parent you as you grow up.

Love from Mom