Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Last year of my forties!

I always take a little time out to reflect back when I turn another year older.  The past year has been life changing but I think it’s always life changing to varying degrees.  It should be, right?
Some years are full of biggies both good and bad.  Exciting achievements & challenges and losses & disappointments. 

Tomorrow will be a weird birthday for me.  I always see my mom, Frances and Michelle on my birthday as well as other friends.  I  celebrate my birthday and love the day making sure we do something special.  We are living in this crazy time where it feels like a sci-fi movie.  Yesterday in the UK someone died every 2 minutes from COVID 19.  Over 400 000 Americans are infected with almost 13 000 deaths.  Trump and his Trumpanzee followers keep on fucking up and this time the stakes are very, very high.   By the time he caught a wake up, it was way too late.  The proverbial cat was out the bag.

Doesn’t it feel so surreal?   2020 is such a significant number and year.  Rebeka’s matric year, Gary starting his own business and me my own business too.
All gathering momentum and living out hopes and dreams and plans and then we grind to a halt. 

But let me take a little time to look back at my year.  This time last year I was still at the Stellenbosch house.  I had the BEST birthday.  On the weekend I had Daniel & Jacques & Jade and my whole fam and Grandpa & Hazel.  The weather was a treat and we braaied and chilled the whole day.  On my actual birthday Rebeka organized this magical sunset picnic from the reservoir and we watched the sun set and then off to dinner at The Fat Butcher.  And a few days before Frances organized a girls’ overnight hike.  We slept up in a hut on top of the mountain and froze our butts off!

Last year I worked with Isabel at Limina helping her build the company until the end of Feb this year.  We had a lot of fun and it was satisfying earning my own little wage after all this time.  I am super proud of her and how she has grown and the little part I had to play in the journey.  She is perfectly positioned right now in the online education space.

I did my play therapy level 1 & 2 course in September and I am all ready to start working.  Hoping to use this time to get my website organized and logo etc.   I have a fair amount of equipment not that you need too much.  I just want to start!!

Training wise I kept a low profile and stepped out of triathlons for the year.  I did one little sprint at Slanghoek.   I ran a few half marathons and one full marathon too.  Actually forgot about that.  I did the Argus this year which was the last race before lockdown so I am very grateful!   I rode so confidently and was less anxious than usual.  It was not my fastest time but it was my best race I have cycled. 

Travel wise we went to Italy which was both wonderful and not so wonderful but that’s another story.   My heart breaks for this brave beautiful little country and all they have lost.   People stuck in their tiny apartments.  They lost 17 000 people, more than any other country but unfortunately the US will soon surpass those numbers.   We camped in December which sucked as the weather was crap.  We went to Plett after Christmas which was the absolute BOMB!  I swam every single day a few times a day and the daily dolphins swam where we could watch them.  So special!

The kids all went on with life working hard.  Daniel and Jacques and their company Specno had an incredible 1st year.  They employed several new people and have just employed another young woman to work for them.  They got a new housemate so it’s the 3 guys and Jade in lockdown together.  Looks like they are having a lot of fun.  I wish a thousand times over my Pops could see Daniel.  We miss him always.
Rebeka had a great grade 11 report and has applied for dietetics and psyche at Stellenbosch.  It sucks having her matric year so disrupted and we don't know what will happen.  Sofes is Sofes, all good and adapts and is resilient

Gary turned 50 at the end of November and we had a stunning weekend in Hermanus.   He had his surprise boys poker night on the actual day which was fun for the guys.  He loved his birthday.   Just before his birthday his contract at work was abruptly terminated which left us really floored.   In true Gary fashion he picked himself up and started a new business which opened 1st of February with a small dynamic team.  Unfortunately I lost a friendship as a result and ironically, he maintained his friendships.  I am not bitter but I am surprised, disappointed and a little sad.  But it’s all good, I have amazing friends in my life and at age almost 49, we are bound to lose some along the way.

So the end of my old work, the start of my new little dream.  I have called my practice Say with Play and I really hope to be practicing soon.   For now we just can’t make plans.  We try and stay safe.  I exercise at home.  The girls go online every day and work and are super disciplined.  Gary is working hard.  I run up and down my driveway to get distance in.  The dogs think I am daft but I did 4kms this morning!  I ride my bike on the trainer and do pilates and stay in shape.   We adjust to the new normal and hopefully next year I have am amazing 50th and live out all my hopes and dreams and plans.  The last year of the best decade of my life which has been filled with so many adventures!  I am going to make it count!!