Tuesday, June 30, 2020

My Sofielicious is sweet sixteen!

 And yes it’s a day late but we had such a good time together on your bday I did not want to waste a second.  Life is easy with you Sofes.  The energy between us stays chilled and we can spend hours in each other’s company just being.

You were born calm with those big eyes looking and observing.  And you have kept that quiet calm preferring to stand back and check things out.

I adored you from that very 1st second when I discovered you were not in fact the little boy we had envisioned for all those months, but our baby girl.   A delightful squishy happy singing, cooing baby.

Easy going toddler with your blankie and dummy watching endless hours of Barney.

You are an enigma to many.  I know you don’t read so just so you don’t have to ask Siri: a person or thing that is mysterious and difficult to understand.

You have all these complex layers and the ones lucky enough and patient enough to take the time to get to know you, will find someone fiercely loyal and 100% honest.  I am grateful for Dani your forever friend who really sees you and knows you and loves you.  Your tough girl exterior hides a soft heart but don’t worry, I won’t blow your cover.

I love so many things about you but let me just list 10 to keep that ego in check!!

Your individuality.  The one and only Sofes who is unaffected by peer pressure or the approval of others.  You know your worth, you are figuring out who you are and not so reliant on the approval of others.  This will liberate to really seek out your very self and purpose, an ongoing journey.

Your affection.   You know Becks doesn’t do hugs, I hardly see Daniel, Auntie T is not a hugger but you randomly come up to me and fold yourself into my self.   I love the feel and smell of you.  I love how this affection is a gift not freely given but reserved for those lucky few.

Your capability.  If I need the vacuum cleaner assembled or dinner cooked or a tent pitched or just about anything at all you can simply do it or you find out how.  I wish I had that independence. 

Your mix of femininity and strength.  You can be the ultimate diva with your make up and swag but you can take out any boy or girl who gives you shit or gives one of your mates shit.  You don’t bow to gender roles or stereotypes…you just do you never thinking you can't choose whatever you want to be or do.  

Your protection of your friends.   Remember how you laid into that one kid in grade 7 who teased Ben the whole camp and made him cry?  You had enough of the bullying and you took him on and made the bully cry.  It takes a lot to set you off but you will always fight for others, especially those who don’t stand up for themselves.  I am glad it's become more verbal and less physical.  You have a voice and you use it.

Your confidence.  At a time in your life when it’s so easy to get super self-critical you can recognize your flaws (what flaws??) and accept them and still know you are beautiful and fabulous.  You don’t fixate on the negative

Your fashion sense.  You have always had it.   5 years old and throwing together an outfit that you had the confidence to wear.  I don’t.  I can’t even do my make up properly.  Maybe you get that from Auntie Nina.

Your adaptability.  We make plans and then life happens and you spend 2 seconds being disappointed and then you make the most of the new situation.  Being flexible makes life so much easier.

Your desire to travel.  I see your life being full of adventures one day to all sorts of places meeting all sorts of people.  You will have many friends in your life from various nationalities around the globe.  Don’t forget to swing by and visit the ‘rents!  I hope you will have children one day and an awesome man to love you and be your partner but let's see what life has in store for you.

Your tolerance of others and ability to embrace diversity.  In fact you thrive on it which is one of the reasons why you love travel so much.  You do not judge or compartmentalize, we have taught you to be a critical thinker and although this bites me in the arse sometimes, I want you to question and think and evolve and learn from others.  You don’t know it all Sofes, I know at 16 you sometimes think you do but listen and learn from those around you.  For all your days.


I pray you will have many many happy years on this earth.  You will be an old lady one day with a life well lived with so many stories to tell.  I wish you good health, good friends, grand adventures, passionate love.  I wish you kindness and humility and patience. 


I love being your mommy and I love we get to do many if these adventures together.
Happy sixteenth birthday Sofia, I love you very very much.



Monday, June 22, 2020

The birthday letter...18!!

So this is your traditional annual bday letter from your fave Maaaa.  I know it’s a day late but we were so buggered yesterday after the most epic party ever.  Last year we were in Italy and I don’t remember writing you one?


Rebeka Scarlett is 18.  Eighteen?  When did that happen?
The day of your birth is still crystal clear in my mind.  Walking down the hall with Dad thinking how on earth am I about to have Gary Novitzkas’s baby?   There was a time when we SO did not like each other.  Dad watching the footie on the damn TV instead of my birth music.  Obviously!  And then you were finally born so big and red and cross and Dad was instantly smitten.  Our 1st night when I refused to have you taken to the nursery and tucked you into my bed till you were calm and peaceful.

You and Sofes in Hermanus in your matchy bikinis

You as a toddler in your princess dresses and clippy clop shoes refusing to wear long sleeved anything.  No sleebs Mama!   How you adored your Mimi and screamed blue murder all the way home.   You and Sofes in your matching outfits, I was shameless but I loved it. 

You and Helena at Amazing Discover play school, how cool that you are still besties?   Then Happy Days which was tough for you and your first experience of mean girls.  You stayed so soft, still are really. 


Off to De Hoop for grade 1 and Mrs Ohlsen who you loved to bits.  You and Jean balling your eyes out at the end of every single year.   Swimming like a little dolphin in the squad and Dad taking you to all the galas.  Do you remember him teaching you to dive one morning before school in the rain?  He was one dedicated swim dad!

Miss Liezl and Ryan Kemp and going to their wedding.  Mrs Krynauw who you loved so much.  And then grade 7 and you getting the lead role for the school play. My super shy girl being so brave and beautiful on that stage…Molly vd Merwe.  The opening night when Dad and I sat there watching you and Sofes in your pink dresses in the opening scene.  I had to sluk back those tears.  


Off to Rhenish High School, so small and skinny in your water polo costume.  You were way too polite for that sport and apologized half the game.  Swimming for the 4M gala, trying so hard to find your tribe.  You and goofy Jenna having so much fun.  

And now in your final year of high school, Rhenish is almost over.  Oh it’s all too quick.