Friday, March 6, 2020

The unofficial launch of Say With Play

So I am one week in and it’s been rollercoaster with this constant dialogue in my head as my over thinking attempts to sabotage Ultra Mel.  Melancholy Mel is being a royal pain in the arse trying to undermine Ultra Mel but I am one determined woman and I don’t give up, ever!

I can’t believe it’s only been 1 week since I have resigned.  I don’t miss the work but I really miss Isabel.   I am going to go over next week so she can tell me to calm the farm and I can tell her straight back.  She might need to slap me around a little.

So what have I achieved?  Well I have bought and made some cool stuff for my practice.  The temptation to buy everything in sight is hard but unfortunately/fortunately I don’t have the money so just starting small.  I literally had the most awesome stuff to use from my own kids but everything has been given away over the years or sold at their garage sales for a pittance.   I am still hoping friends have kids books and little figurines, dolls, musical instruments or anything really they want to pass on I can use in my practice.  Lexi is making my felt superhero cut outs and Claire is hopefully helping me to sew the capes. 

I washed all the lego which smelt of cat wee which is disturbing considering I have no such pet!  I sorted out my study and have my toys and art supplies in boxes.   Sofes and I made a cool feelings game that I am looking forward to trying.  You actually don't need much to get started.

I met with an experienced play therapist who was incredibly helpful and generous with her knowledge.  I made a google form for the parents to fill out.  It also needs some tweaking!   I had my 1st 2 sessions at Bright Lights.  The space is far from ideal and having a mobile practice requires a lot of thinking and planning.    One kid left mid session but that in itself is a breakthrough as things got a little real for him.

Most importantly I visited a wonderful small school that would love to have me 2 days a week working with their kids.  Some pro bono and hopefully some paying clients.    I do need to earn an income at the end of the day but I also have another idea for something on the side and met with a good mate this week to see if we can partner together to make some magic happen.

I fluctuate being terrified and overwhelmed filled with doubt and then excited and driven and knowing my very best self is when I work with children.  14 years ago I started Bosom Buddies which was meant to be my new mothers support group re breastfeeding advice, weighing etc. of babes.  I spent all my money and all my brave and it failed.  But…as most of you know the charity side of it flew and I founded and grew this incredible NPO which still thrives today as Mama Themba so it’s a reminder.  Reminder success is not always what we originally planned.  I not only made nothing from Bosom Buddies, I spent thousands keeping it going.   This time around I have been more careful with the name and bought and

So what will happen with Say With Play?  Will I grow it and have my own premises and feel equipped and confident and be able to register with medical aid and earn a decent income?  Because that is what I really want.  Or will it become another non profit where I train other volunteers and we start a free therapy NPO for the thousands of traumatized children in our country?   Both are big and scary and both fit my criteria of what I categorize as success.   Fulfilling my potential, stretching myself to learn and grow, and making a real difference in the lives of vulnerable children dealing with trauma.   Gary has only just started his business and Daniel is a fresh one year in so if it’s the NPO then they will need to make a truck load of cash so money is not an issue.  Although having my own money was awesome so option 1 please!  I want this business to be successful.   I will get there.  Maybe not in 1 week but I will get there.