Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy 13th birthday Rebeka

As you know I am not creative like you, Sofie and Mimi so I prefer to write you a birthday letter on my blog so you can come back and read today and many years from now too.
So where do I start?  Duh!

Happy, happy birthday Rebeka!
Every year you try and convince me its a BIG birthday but the real biggies are 1, 10, 13, 16, 18, 21 and then as you hit each decade.  So yes, today is a BIG birthday.
A teenager!  I have TWO teenagers in fact.  I am so very glad you are in no rush to grow up.  That you still like being little sometimes and you are.  You are your own person totally unique with nothing to prove to anyone.  Sometimes you will find yourself acting in a certain way or saying things you don't actually mean because you are with a bunch of girls and you want to fit in.  I totally get it but I also know that little uncomfortable niggle in your spirit that you feel will get you back to your true self.  Your true self is so special you never need to hide it or act in a different way to who you are.

When I have to decide about something I think about what I would tell you to do and what I believe you would do and I have my answer.  I have told you before your gift of compassion and sensitivity will make your life harder at times as you feel on a whole deeper level.  Your heart will get extra sad which is the suck part, the great part is that breathless excitement and joy that we thrive on.  Our sun is hotter and brighter, our love is all consuming and the beauty of the world created by God that much more lovely.  The ugly will be extra ugly and I wish I could say you will grow a thicker skin but you won't and you shouldn't.  The ability to feel so deeply will mean you will never be apathetic and your sense of fairness and what is right and good and true means you will fight extra hard for yourself and others.

I am so excited for you and all that awaits you in your teen years.  The rest of this year with your drama play and the revue, your Orange River trip and your grade 7 farewell.  And then we hit 2016...Rebeka the Rhenisher.  I am still super stoked you got into such a great school and I know you will have so much fun in high school.  I am so proud of you and enjoy your more than I could possibly describe.  I love your loud laugh and clumsy body and the way your food lands up all over your face.  I do NOT love your messy room but I guess you can't be perfect.

Trusting you have a special day today and feel loved by all of us.  Super happy you loved your party, you looked so very pretty.  I love you Rebeka Scarlett, today and every day always.  I thank God for the gift of you and know His spirit lives very happily in your soul guiding you, protecting you and loving you and helping Daddy and I parent you as you grow up.

Love from Mom