Friday, March 6, 2020

The unofficial launch of Say With Play

So I am one week in and it’s been rollercoaster with this constant dialogue in my head as my over thinking attempts to sabotage Ultra Mel.  Melancholy Mel is being a royal pain in the arse trying to undermine Ultra Mel but I am one determined woman and I don’t give up, ever!

I can’t believe it’s only been 1 week since I have resigned.  I don’t miss the work but I really miss Isabel.   I am going to go over next week so she can tell me to calm the farm and I can tell her straight back.  She might need to slap me around a little.

So what have I achieved?  Well I have bought and made some cool stuff for my practice.  The temptation to buy everything in sight is hard but unfortunately/fortunately I don’t have the money so just starting small.  I literally had the most awesome stuff to use from my own kids but everything has been given away over the years or sold at their garage sales for a pittance.   I am still hoping friends have kids books and little figurines, dolls, musical instruments or anything really they want to pass on I can use in my practice.  Lexi is making my felt superhero cut outs and Claire is hopefully helping me to sew the capes. 

I washed all the lego which smelt of cat wee which is disturbing considering I have no such pet!  I sorted out my study and have my toys and art supplies in boxes.   Sofes and I made a cool feelings game that I am looking forward to trying.  You actually don't need much to get started.

I met with an experienced play therapist who was incredibly helpful and generous with her knowledge.  I made a google form for the parents to fill out.  It also needs some tweaking!   I had my 1st 2 sessions at Bright Lights.  The space is far from ideal and having a mobile practice requires a lot of thinking and planning.    One kid left mid session but that in itself is a breakthrough as things got a little real for him.

Most importantly I visited a wonderful small school that would love to have me 2 days a week working with their kids.  Some pro bono and hopefully some paying clients.    I do need to earn an income at the end of the day but I also have another idea for something on the side and met with a good mate this week to see if we can partner together to make some magic happen.

I fluctuate being terrified and overwhelmed filled with doubt and then excited and driven and knowing my very best self is when I work with children.  14 years ago I started Bosom Buddies which was meant to be my new mothers support group re breastfeeding advice, weighing etc. of babes.  I spent all my money and all my brave and it failed.  But…as most of you know the charity side of it flew and I founded and grew this incredible NPO which still thrives today as Mama Themba so it’s a reminder.  Reminder success is not always what we originally planned.  I not only made nothing from Bosom Buddies, I spent thousands keeping it going.   This time around I have been more careful with the name and bought and

So what will happen with Say With Play?  Will I grow it and have my own premises and feel equipped and confident and be able to register with medical aid and earn a decent income?  Because that is what I really want.  Or will it become another non profit where I train other volunteers and we start a free therapy NPO for the thousands of traumatized children in our country?   Both are big and scary and both fit my criteria of what I categorize as success.   Fulfilling my potential, stretching myself to learn and grow, and making a real difference in the lives of vulnerable children dealing with trauma.   Gary has only just started his business and Daniel is a fresh one year in so if it’s the NPO then they will need to make a truck load of cash so money is not an issue.  Although having my own money was awesome so option 1 please!  I want this business to be successful.   I will get there.  Maybe not in 1 week but I will get there.

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  1. You go Ultra Mel!! Don’t let any of the negative Nancies stay too long in your mind! Play therapy is SO IMPORTANT for children to work through their emotions and gives them confidence to manage future events better etc. #StartedFromTheBottomNowWeHere. Nothing is a failure only a lesson. Have fun with the journey, and breathe through the tough times. In the end you can’t save everyone but making a difference in one child’s life is huge already. Ps. Love your SayWithPlay name. Chat soon ๐Ÿ’–