Saturday, April 21, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Gary arrived back from Vegas this morning and is busy snoring sleeping on our lovely comfy bed.  He is delighted to be home and yes, he did get stopped at airport security again!   He is only home for 4 days before he goes again.   I LOVE traveling and I am extremely fortunate that I have done loads of it.   I have been to many countries yet there are so many more places I still want to see.

I know living in a new country is very different to holiday traveling.  One of the coolest things about going on holiday is that feeling at the end when you have had a great time but you want to come home.  You want your people, your friends, your own bed, your dogs that are always thrilled to see you.  You want your own grocery store and church and just your unique South African vibe that you are part of.   So what do we do with that feeling when we get to Singapore and the novelty wears off a little?   No more home for us.  Our old home has been left and we still need to place our roots into our new home.  We need to make friends and find out where to get stuff and how everything works.  We need to wait for our furniture to arrive and move into our new home.  To get our dog Lucy out of quarantine.  Its going to be hard and I will need to be the perky one for everyone else.  I guess that what homesickness is about...longing for your home but being unable to go there.

Don't get me wrong here, I am not negative and I am super excited about the move.  I also know I will absolutely make the most of it and will be very deliberate in making friends and getting settled.  I guess the reality does just scare me a little which is probably a good thing.  Fekarama but this does make me poop in my broeks a little!  (broeks are panties btw)    Wait, I hear my little sister Nina frantically saying "what about me, what about me!"  I hear you sista.  Having you live in Singapore will make a massive difference.  Nina has been living abroad for 16 years now and has moved many times from UK, Nigeria, Taiwan, Korea and now Singapore for the past 2 years.   She is the cherry on the cake of our move, her kids and husband the sprinkles and frosting.   Four more sleeps till I leave to Singapore for the great school and home hunt, can't wait!


  1. And while you're there, ask someone to help you make gravy. xxx

  2. You are VERY lucky to be moving to somewhere you already have family!