Thursday, April 19, 2012


Welcome to the very first post of my brand new blog.  This is my therapy, my place to have interesting debates and ask you for your wisdom and advise while sharing mine.  It is a record of my life for my children to read one day.  It is an account of this great grand adventure we are about to embark upon.  

Singapore Fling is the name I have chosen to honour the famous Singapore Sling cocktail (cocktails are very important!) and it also describes our new adventure.  My precious little family is relocating to Singapore at the end of June.   I have so many mixed emotions and putting things down on paper always gives me a fresh perspective and somehow makes it look all OK.  

We will talk about many things on this blog.   My homeland South Africa, my new place Singapore, family, God, parenting, friendships, what makes us tick, what ticks us off.   We are all allowed to disagree but we may not be nasty or attack anyone personally.   I used to blog daily and then my life got too crazy so eventually it just dwindled.   You can go and check out my past 5 years on

I hope to build up to a good readership again but for now I will only blog once a week or so.   You will also need to cope with my more than occasional lapses in grammar.  Suck it up baby!   Moving to a new country, raising 3 kids, winding down my job and preparing for my exams in May and June is making me somewhat hysterically busy.

PS:   You might have clicked on the About Me page and got nothing.  I did a whole long spiel yesterday but there was some kind of error.  Did I mention I am a bit crap when it comes to IT/compute stuff?


  1. Testing, testing. Tracey said she wasn't able to comment??

  2. hello mel! i'm guessing people that want to comment need to have a google/livejournal/wordpress/typepad/AIM/openID account? most people that surf the net have a google account. they need to follow you on blogspot & then they can comment!

  3. Hello !!! Love from your exclamation stalker !! :)

  4. Hi Mel. Was wondering why your bosom buddies was soo quiet. Wishing you all the best in your new adventures. Will be a keen observer.

    Cornelia (old lurker)

  5. Just saw Tertia's post and am JEALOUS of your adventures! :) (in a good way, of course)

    I'm just wondering and would love to read more about what prompted this, how long you plan to stay, what about jobs, etc.

    See, I also secretly dream of doing something wild and crazy and if I can start seeing possibilities, well then, the sky is the limit, right? :)

  6. I also want to know why you're going! Are you going forever? When are you going to tell us about that!?