Friday, February 8, 2013

The remaining 50% of my life

Its been a while since I have done a light post prattling on about whatever or wherever.    In the early days of blogging pre work, studies etc I had much more time and I loved blogging daily.  Somehow I never ran out of things to say and I would check my stats every day to see what my numbers were.  Of course the BB blog was also a wonderful tool for raising money and getting clothing collections from around the world.  Every parcel I opened with gorgeous little foreign clothes made me want to cry at the compassion and generosity of strangers and friends from our global village.   You girls have the coolest baby stuff!!

Now I blog when I feel the need for therapy or clarity or I am feeling that self-indulgent awful emotion aka self-pity and need to vent a little.  I study every day, literally.  I have my entire semester worked out with number of pages to cover per subject per session.  Last years distinctions means I want to try and keep it up.  Its been hard because the combo of Rivotril and reserpine I take for my mouth movement disorder makes me tired.  And stupid!   Anyway, it leaves me with no time for frivolities like yakking on my blog or mall coffee dates etc.   Afternoons are filled with kids extra murals.  My friend accused me of needing to fill my life every afternoon by having them do so many activities and ferrying them from A to B lugging swimming costumes and horse riding boots and sticks and lunches and all the crap that Mom has to remember.   If I wanted to fill my life I would lie at the pool and read my book, catch up on  my studies, nap or hang out with friends.   Crazy sport schedules and homework are what I do because I have to and my kids are at that age.  When I am big and they have cars and homes etc I promise I will have very different afternoons which finally brings me back to my topic, my bucket list.

Now some are real cliches, some are pretty realistic and some are far off but possible none the less.  Lets start with what I don't want to do which might just be on your list.
I don't want to do a cooking course in Tuscany, I'll just come for the sight seeing
I also don't want to learn to paint in Paris or anywhere else.    (I'll come with for the chocolate crepes)
Become a missionary
Do the Argus, the Comrades or any marathon. 
Go live in Australia
I do want to do and will do some:
Manage a mini traithlon if I can conquer my back pain
Finish my Social Work degree, hopefully cum laude
Live in my beach house in Hermanus or somewhere else within 50 meters of the ocean
Learn to meditate properly
Always seek God in all I do and all I am
Go on a snow ski holiday with friends
Do more hikes and possibly even conquer Kili.
Visit Vietnam and also do Thailand again but NOT Phuket.
Visit India in a long holiday
Do a European holiday in 10 years time with my sisters and nieces and my mom and my girls
Help my daughters dress for their weddings
Hold my son's newborn in his or her first few hours of life.  Oh I am going to cry!!
Spend loads of time with my grandkids, my house will have a separate room just for them
Write a book when I am much older and the physical challenges have been ticked off
Enjoy time with my husband and do plenty traveling
Walk my dogs on the beach every day when I am not out the country

I think that's it.  I will add some things and take away others and re-plan and dream and reach.  They say life is what happens while we making other plans which looking back, I know to be largely true.   Yet...I also know if you don't enter the race you are never going to place.   Have a lovely Saturday you all and enjoy the fresh pretty rain for those fellow fortunate Capetonians.    

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  1. I'm with you on the Tuscany thing ... I'm going for the wine!