Saturday, April 6, 2013

4 days till my Eat, Pray, Love adventure!

It always amazes me how you book or plan something so long in advance and somehow time does pass and before you know it, 4 sleeps to go!  I am getting really excited now although pre stress planning and organizing is always killer before I leave.   Gary and I are pretty old fashioned when it comes to parenting the kids.  Because he works long hours and I have only ever worked half day since Rebeka’s birth, I do 90% of the day to day parenting. 

The suck thing is when I am away and my well oiled machine aka home and family have to run on without me.  My parents live 45 minutes away and Mimi has just moved house so is unavailable to help re critters.  I am fortunate that Sofie’s school BF has a most divine and helpful mother Auntie Penny who my girls adore.  The dad Uncle Gabby is loved too.  And then they have their Auntie Tracey who is my identical twin sister from another mother, and father actually.   And finally their big sister Prisca, my heart daughter, who will be moving in for 2 weeks to help with homework and school lunches and pony tails.  Dad does morning and evening snuggles and school drop off.   I know push comes to shove he could and would do more so I guess I just won’t worry.    Auntie Michelle is on backup and doggie crises duty.  Ella ate 6 large plastic dog bowls, 2 doggie matrasses and now the waterproof covering off her kennel.    Might ask Michelle to find her a lovely new home for my Ella…highly pedigreed 6 month old extremely expensive rottie free to good/bad/average home.

 Meals you ask?  I have ordered 2 weeks worth of suppers from a caterer Monday to Friday that get dropped off every afternoon.     I have lists and more lists and I have even made little cash packets with wages for my domestic, the gardener and their tuck money for days when they have sport.  Mellie is ready to go off and do an Eat, Pray, Love adventure with her partner in crime, sister Nina.   Another tough year as life seems to just be and I cannot believe I get to just stop for a bit.  No mothering or studying or running around.  The only suck shitty thing is my overseas meds haven’t worked at all and the pain and spasms continue in a never ending nightmare.    Month 9 in a journey that is very, very hard not knowing if I will ever get relief.   It is a testimony to the human spirit as I remember mailing my sister and Gary in week one saying how research had revealed that irreversible word and I couldn’t possibly be doing this for even a day.  I can and I do and have to and I continue to trust and believe that somehow I will find the answer.   I have decided if I cannot get to a point where I manage the spasms I will start working on long term pain management instead.     

But that’s too a depressing subject.  My plans:  Tuesday is my bday and I am hoping to have a little lunch with a friend or 2 or 5.   I will finish packing and pack too much despite swearing I won’t.    Tuesday night will be an early Spur supper with my precious family and Wednesday I fly.    Sjoe, get nervy at the thought.  I am not a nervous flier but it’s the pre getting on the plane have you remembered X, Y  and Z.  I arrive 6.00am Sing time on Thursday morning, midnight for us.   After a brief nap Nina and I hit those shops!    Can’t wait to see Zack and Rosie my neph and niece.  And Paul my BIL and War-War Nina’s awesome helper.    Oh and Gary’s BF Russel and his cool wife Kim and their girlies.   I will only blog again once I am there.  I promise a jumpy in Singapore, one in Cambodia and one in Bangkok.  Luckily Nina is better than Mimi in taking the pics so I don’t have to leap a thousand times.   Bon Voyage to me…see you all soon!


  1. Have a wonderful trip.
    Relax,recoup and rejoice

  2. Hope you're having a marvellous time!