Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The critters

My previous blog readers knew my critters well as I often wrote about the 3 of them and all that they were in my life.  I guess when you blog daily you have the time and scope to be more detailed.     Now, if I am blogging or reading it means technically, I should be studying.   Trying to finish everything before I fly on the 10th of April has been super challenging.    Everything was going great untiI I started on a morning dose of tetmodis as of yesterday.  Between that and the rivotril I could hardly stay awake and I had to submit my sociology assignment which I am doubting a little.

So far the tetmodis has been horribly disappointing.  The hope junkie is feeling a tad jaded after 2 weeks of my so called miracle drug and vokol difference.   I am now advised to take it twice a day so for 2 weeks I will hope once again and then see where I am at.  It will be my birthday day so hopefully God will give me a spasm free tongue for my 42nd birthday gift.   But enough of my desperate, boring, painful and depressing  mouth.   Critters…

Sofie my cute pie is doing well this year with her tummy aches manageable.     For some time I have been concerned about her performance at school and my ADD-paranoia-phobia lurked for years.   Daniel was only diagnosed in grade 5 with ADHD but I should have picked it up years before that.  His teachers should have, his remedial lady, his audiblox lady and his OT.   Anyway, we finally sorted him out, made the agonizing decision to medicate and he has done well ever since.   The biggest freak out was the tummy aches and appetite loss in my already skinny kid.   With my Blixie-girl meds are not an option.   She needs to eat little bits often and I think the Ritalin would just kill her stomach.  I met her teacher and we decided for now it’s all good and average is just fine for her.  If she slips below I will intervene.  I have changed the way I ask her spelling and we read together at night (me 2 pages, her 2 pages) and it seems to help.   The other day she got 15/15 for her test and was so chuffed.  She actually thanked me for helping her and I wanted to cry with appreciation.  I will do ANYTHING to help you my Sofia girl.    I will give you my all and help you everyday for all my days if you need it.   She’s so darn dimply squeezy cute and I am ever aware of her growing up and savouring the last few years of this cuddly love time.

And my beautiful boy, my Daniel.  (He really is gorgeous, not just my bias!)    Well we seem to have hit a pretty peaceful patch and we talk about something when we need to.  He is less defensive and aggressive as he realizes I am not the enemy.    I stand back in awe watching how bravely and hugely he loves this girl.   First time love from a perfectly undamaged broken heart.  It’s been about 8 months now and we have all repositioned ourselves as you do when a family changes.   My dad hasn’t even met her yet so Daniel is looking forward to showing his hottie off to his Pops this Sunday.   The line between my dad, my brother and my son is so strong.    They look the same and that genetic blood line is amazing to see.    My Jewish roots make it extra special for me and I strongly believe in a previous wise Loebenberg ancestor praying over the male line of his family for generations.

And Becks.  Bubbly, bright, beautiful, sensitive, intense Rebeka who fills the whole house nevermind the whole room.    She seems to be having a better friend year and more able to cope with the complexities of female friendships.     Both her BFFs are in the other class but she got the teacher she really wanted so is delighted.   He is about to turn 31 and very fit and handsome so half the moms and half the girls are in love with the guy.  She asked me if I could marry Mr Kemp if her dad died but I had to decline.    So far no liking boys yet or any sign of puberty.   Thank God!   She claims she is only 1 of 3 girls that do not have a hint of hips or boobies.   I heard that puberty is a weight thing more than an age thing and at 40kg girls develop.  The bigger girls normally develop 1st so there could well be truth in that theory.   Luckily ol scrawny is 32kg like myself at that age which means only in grade 7.

So life goes on through the normal thick & thin and I do one day, one day at a time as best as I can.  I am still swimming training and walking but cannot get my arse on that bike.  I know I HAVE to so maybe this coming weekend.  This past weekend we did a 30km up and down hike over a very hectic mountain from Greyton to McGregor and back.  It was TOUGH but gorg.  My calves are still sore.   Next time I post will be all about my trip.   SO soon now, nipping a little!   My girls pined after 2 days so the thought of them missing me for TWO WEEKS is hard.   Gary too, he loves me!

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