Friday, August 22, 2014

Fighting the good fight

A very kind friend gave me some dope crunchies for the Dystonia.  I tried them twice but I get so insanely stoned.  Last night in desperation I ate half and I was far less stoned but still had that cool experience where your thoughts are on a deeper level. (And it helped the spasms!)

One thought process was for a particular person and I shared the info with them today.  I know it was the right time and the right info and I was so relieved it was received in the absolute love it was sent with.  At the time I thought this is soul wisdom, a deep wisdom and I need to tell this person.  Seems God can speak to you perfectly fine when you are a little stoned!

The second revelation I am actually going to share at church one day and I want you to share it too.  Show your kids, your class, your friends this simple diagram.  Once again it felt like soul wisdom.  (Shit I still sound stoned, promise I am not!!)  Anyway, picture a big white circle bright with light and warmth.  Then have a led grey pencil in your hand.  Everytime we are mean, unkind, unforgiving, nasty, negative we colour in a little section of that circle.  When someone is ugly to us they colour in that section and when we respond in kind, we add to the grey,  More and more white gets covered and less light and warmth is allowed through.

Now picture yourself and others doing good things.  Kindness, honesty, integrity, forgiveness, caring.  It adds to the white and removes some of the grey.  Its in the tiny things, the smiles, the love, the positivity, the gratitude.  All that adds to the warmth and light and the circle/world we live in can stay a place for growth and health.  Its fighting the good fight, its keeping the warmth and light in.

I never want to colour in grey, I never want to block the light or stop the growth.  I am choosing to fight the good fight and even when someone is a major arsehole I am going to try and get my eraser out and erase their actions or words by responding in the opposite spirit.  I won't get it right all the time but I am certainly going to try.

I know I sound a little nutty, a little hippie and very idealistic but as I age I operate on a deeper soul level and it is amazing what we discover when we venture our thoughts to a different less safe space.  Know I don't just do this after a crunchie!!

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