Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rebeka Scarlett Novitzkas turns 15

I used to be really good and write you a long birthday letter every year on my blog so you can read them all one day in the future.  I might have skipped the odd year!!  But lets not focus on those random missing years because today is what counts and it is finally your birthday, the WHOLE day!
This morning I gave you 3 times when I was particularly proud of you but then I kept on thinking of more and more.  It is never about grades or trophies or medals for me.  Those are just a bonus.  It is your strength of character, your integrity, your kindness.  It is your willingness to put yourself out there and try things even when you know you won't be that girl of the match or dancer in front.

Becks when you started dancing this year I was beyond proud of you.  You and I are awkward and inflexible and shy when it comes to dancing.  But that is where the commonalities stop because you, are brave.  You danced anyway.  You knew you would get hidden at the back and get a few sniggers but you danced anyway because you loved it.  That takes guts and I promise you while you were not the sassiest or best dancer, you were SO lovely on that stage.  And it wasn't just me who thought so in case you accuse me of bias!   Playing the lead in your school play?!  You used to be so shy so to watch you in that pink dress being on stage, Daddy and I just couldn't believe that was OUR girl.  So many times, so many occasions of being brave and just doing it.

I love how we say things in exactly the same way at the same time.  I love how I stay your mom but our friendship develops.  I know we joke about being besties but its true.  Hanging out with you is one of my favourite things to do.  Chatting and laughing and being happy and sad together.  Knowing each other and picking up a vibe instantly.  Our true selves laid bare because we know its the safest place to be.  I get you, you get me.

I am grateful for many things but one of the biggest is your awesome group of girlfriends.  I know last year was really hard for you and it was my daily prayer, you finding your tribe.  And now you have!  Fun girls who make you happy and share your values.  Don't worry about boys, that will come at the right time.   That is another prayer by the way.  I have him stored away for a decade but that guy who is funny, sporty and loves family and God and kids and animals and is ambitious and will adore you, he is out there and I am trusting he comes into your life at the right time.

Right now you enjoy your awesome school (SO jelly!) and your friends and soccer and life saving and being insanely lazy watching endless episodes of Greys.  And know if you decide you really do want to be a doctor, Daddy and I will help you gain your points to get into med school and support you 100%.  Dr Rebeka Novitzkas....I like it.  Whatever you decide to do I know you will do it with excellence and passion and integrity the way you live your life.

Have a very special birthday my beautiful girl.  I love you. I like you, I admire you, I respect you, I cheer for you and I support you in whatever you choose to do.  I am honoured to be your mom and watch you grow up.  I thank God for His favour and protection on your life and trust it will be part of your existence all the days of your long life.  Happy 15th Birthday Rebeka Scarlett.

Mom x