Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sofia Josephine Novitzkas turns 13!!

A new teenager in the house?  Say it isn’t so!  Happy 13th birthday my Sofes.  It feels like yesterday I gave birth to you and you just gazed around the room peaceful and calm.  You were the most delicious baby.  Mimi said I never gave anyone else a turn and I never put you down for at least a year.  I fell madly, deeply, utterly in love and was enchanted by your happy nature.   I remember having a revelation of God’s immense love for me based on the love I felt for you.   I felt breathless but it was probably because I wanted to inhale you, breath you right in.  Big big love!

You are such a fascinating blend of characteristics with all these complex layers I am privileged to know.   Watching you grow up and being your Mom is one the best parts of my life.  Your sense of humour and sharp wit.  That sassiness that sneaks in till I give you the stink eye and you give me your sheepish dimpled grin.  I love your individuality, your refusal to be pressured by what others think or do.  You are your own woman and you know your worth. 

You are about to embark on a whole new chapter at Rhenish with old friends and new friends.  Stoked for you that Ashleigh got in too!  And how cool to finally be at school with Dani?!   Enjoy the new adventure and new friends, stay kind and thoughtful and be careful of the bitch clique, it is easy to get into the whole exclusion game but always put yourself in someone else’s shoes and think how it would feel for you in the same situation.

Watching you dance is just magical.  Daddy and I look at you on that stage with your huge smile and agile fluid body and we wonder where the heck you got it from??  Listening to you recite poetry and sing solos at Eistedfodds?  Our kid?   Jiu Jitsu with Daddy when you kick his arse!  You have all these amazing gifts and talents God has blessed you with.  Continue to work hard at them but stay grateful and humble.  Next year you get to try soccer and water polo and all these new and exciting opportunities.  Make the most of your high school, it flies past.

We love you our spunky fabulous unique strong teenager.  Enjoy your special day of this big milestone becoming a teen.  My Sofielicious!

All my love,