Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Holiday all over

So we are back to reality in a very cold and chilly Cape Town.   The holiday was amazing and I look forward to my daughters scrapbooks they intend making with the kazillion pics they took.  My best part of holidays is the time we all spend together, especially with my 16 year old Daniel.

Flight over was super long, flight home left at 3.00am and I am still super jetlagged so watch all my taped shows at 4.30am every morning trying not to cry.  Phi Phi was just stunning with incredible beauty, Phuket is just too crowded, dirty and polluted for me but we enjoyed the shopping and body surfing in wild Monsoon sea.   Singapore was busy, busy, busy trying to fit everything in that we had spoke about forever.  My time with sister Nina and her family was too short and we miss them alot.   Its definitely over though and we wont be moving there or anywhere.   I know we would have been happy there, sad there, busy there and bored there.  I know the same for Cape Town and I accept this is my home indefinitely.  I am over the worst of the disappointment and glad that the big dates are almost all over.  I don't want to live in the past and be the person who didn't adopt, who doesn't have 4 kids.  The person who didn't move to Singapore.  I am the person blessed with 3 kids and who lives in Cape Town, one of the most amazing cities in the world.   As long as the lost of things are to do in Singers, is the list for CT.   We have amazing wine farms and our mountains and awesome walking and hiking trails.  We have gorgeous beaches and interesting people and funky little towns.  We have fascinating social dynamics with all these different people groups working out life in our diverse country.   Now I need to get off my arse and actually enjoy my city.  Gary is a home-body so we stay home way too much on weekends.  He works his butt off so weekends are sleeping or sport on TV.  Not so much fun for spouse!   I hope to get him off the couch and do stuff with us but if not then I will leave him happily at home while we happily explore and enjoy our city.  

I am sort of giving myself off this week while its school holidays and then next week I try and find my path again and figure out where on earth I am going and what I am doing.   I need a plan.  Rightly or wrongly I cannot just be, just chill.   Life is short and losing Aidan last year reminds me daily to live my best life and for me that means new possibilities and plans and hopes and dreams.  Goodbye past, hello future, bring it on!