Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ikea, twisting the knife!

I have being trying to just enjoy this week without feeling super bummed that this would have been my home for far longer than this crammed week.  Every time the girls or Daniel have told me how much they love it here or how they wish they could live here I have not allowed myself to go there.  I have constantly reminded myself how this week is a gift and how divine Cape Town is etc.

I have also not dared even go past the Australian School or contact the registration lady.   Today was a goodie though and it did make me feel like racing home to beg Gary to go for some interviews and just make this happen. Just try!   You know I love walking and I had been looking forward to walking in the lush green nature reserves they have here.  I was going to pull big sister bossy rank and make Nina come as well.   This morning I did just that and it was so gorgeous with monkeys everywhere.   We were happily walking along when it started bucketing again.  Like crazy blinding rain.   We were sopping wet with squelchy shoes and it felt so awesome deliberately jumping in puddles and feeling very wet and very happy.  Then after a shower off to Ikea.  LOVE that shop, last time we were there we had a look at all the stuff I wanted to by for my new house.   Kakky crap.  I just so wanted to live here. 

Anyway, let me just enjoy these last 3 days and keep on reminding myself of things to look forward to in Cape Town.  And not think of butt cold weather!   Chat soon. x

PS, Daniel had a good birthday yesterday, will try and get him to load the clip of the reverse bungee which was super cool!  

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  1. bet their wine farms aren't nearly as lovely as those in Cape Town xx Leigh