Friday, October 5, 2012

Fork in the road part 2: Boy number 1

I have had a few frogs in my time and I have also had the fortune of a few princes.  I have, thank God, married the ultimate prince of all and in February we celebrate 10 years of marriage.   Apart from the obvious stuff like wanting to smother him with a pillow on occasion due to how annoying he can be, we genuinely like each other, make each other laugh, parent effectively together and still get that delicious feeling in the pit of our tummies when we have the rare time in the morning for a real smooch goodbye.   (Most mornings its a very rushed peck or a garbled goodbye when one of us is in the shower)  I say this all because I don't want to be disrespectful towards him as I go back in time to the frogs and princes of my past.

I was a big fan of Eat, Pray, Love when it came out a few years ago.  I watched the movie yesterday and enjoyed it too.  One of my good friends hated it, in fact many of them did but it struck a cord in me.  Maybe I think too much, analyze too much, wonder and question.   I suppose her love of travel and her enormous brave spirit inspired me.  Her search for God and finding him in unexpected places.  I have also been enormously brave once and I am still rather awed that I had it in me as I was 25 at the time, a baby.

I am supposed to get to the boy bits but just one last mention of the movie/book.  She mentions how we learn and take a little from the people we meet and leave something in return.  Even my frogs are testimony to this and it made me look back with more gratitude and less regret.  On the 29th of June while drinking nasty Esprit during happy hour at The Pig & Whistle, I was kissed by Andrew for my birthday.   The date is significant because my birthday is in fact on the 9th of April but my cunning sister Tertia had devised the plan and told him knowing he would kiss me.  When I was in grade 8, he was in grade 12 he was one of the hottest surf guys at school.  WAY out of my age 13 league.  He is still hot actually and still surfs.  He looks like Rob Lowe but a little less pretty.   Being there and seeing him and that exciting 1st kiss changed the direction in my life.   It made the last 3 years of my high school and first year thereafter so fun.   We lived at the beach and my affection for the beach turned into eternal love. I enjoyed his family and my family loved him.  My parents and Andrew still keep in contact.  I don't see him as Gary understandably wouldn't like it and I imagine his wife wouldn't either but he gave me so much.   He taught me that beautiful people can also be kind and beautiful on the inside.   He made me see details in nature and marvel.   He also made me return from my trip in Madrid because I missed him too much and who knows what would have happened if I had stayed.  I was loved in a healthy and beautiful way by a person with no issues and I loved back in return.  100% prince.  Light, no darkness.   I would love my kids to date such a person in high school because it was all about being outside and being in the ocean and camping and braais and friends and family. I unfortunately ended things when I was 19 and met that frog/prince who would turn out to take me on another fork in the road on a 6 year journey with massive consequences, amazing highs and devastating lows.  In fact I will write about him next time as I don't want to make this post too long.  I will try not to take too long for the next post although technically I am supposed to be studying as I wrote my first exam in 12 days time.   Boy number 2 coming up...

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