Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back in the water

I have been wanting to blog for ages and have plenty of things to chat about.  Unfortunately time as per usual is just too tight and blogging is a luxury and not a necessity.    Right now I should be doing my anthro...the effects of Islam in Africa and its connection to African religion.   Its actually interesting and my studies are pretty much on track.  If I wasn't going on my AWESOME trip to Sing, Bangkok and Cambodia the pressure would be less intense but I am certainly not studying when I have those precious 2 weeks with my baby sister in such amazing countries.  43 sleeps my peeps, yafrikkinhoo!

But back to what I want to chat about:    Swimming, water and I.   On Sunday I finally did my Xterra swim and I am presently officially an Xterra warrior.  You just have to finish to be one of those and I did it, I finished.   The build up was so huge and I thought I was prepared.  Its a little like birth.  You've read the books and done the classes and spoken to other mothers and then you actually go into labour and you cannot f'ing believe how hectic it is and just how little you know about this birthing and mothering.   We arrived with plenty of time to spare and a pumping atmosphere.   I love the energy of these events and camaraderie and I am always so chuffed to be part of it.   Many competitors were well know professionals from around the world and many did all 3 disciplines while some like me, were part of a team.   I must just quickly interrupt myself here to say if I was a single gal I would hang out at these events to meet a guy.  Hot, fit, healthy, driven men.  For you girls, not me!  I have a man, a hot man!

So I get ready wearing my new tri suit which I bought 2nd hand at a bargain and my goggles and the swim cap they gave me.  I tightened my goggs as they had been leaking which turned out to be a big mistake later on!   961 swimmers are at the waters edge with all the pros in front.  I am nervous but fairly calm until the gun goes off and everyone hits the water.   As I get in I panic and I can hardly breath and a hundred limbs are kicking and knocking me and I am freaking out thinking there is no way I can do this.  That buoy is SO damn far away and then its the next one and the last one. You think 1.5km doesn't sound far but holy crap it looked far.  I prayed and begged God to help me with my breathing.   I struggled the whole way wanting to cry and desperately not wanting to give up.   Stubborn me will die first before I quit but wow it was hard.   I also just didn't want to be in the last 100 swimmers and hoped to get in under 40 minutes.   Eventually my feet hit the sand and I ran through the water and up the hill getting a massive calf cramp on the way.  My cyclist was waiting for me pumped to go and it was finally his turn.  Then my fabulous runner which meant with the 2 of them we did pretty well and came 24th out of 65 mixed teams.  It was no thanks to me with my 36 minute swim but we did it.  

I wish I had enjoyed it more.   The water is very significant for me.  My post is getting too long and I will elaborate this story but at 2 years old I almost drowned and had to be resuscitated and rushed to hospital by ambulance.   People went on their knees that day and begged God for my life.  Someone must have come against the fear of water too because my love for water and swimming is beyond.   I have always been a fearless swimmer regardless of how insane and rough the ocean is. I LOVE it!   That panic and horrible disappointing swim was just awful and while I am super chuffed to have finished it, I felt like I needed my aqua-love back.   This morning I went for a surf and landed up leaving my board on the beach half way.  I swam and tumbled and body-surfed and just reconnected with my incredible life giving water.    

Naturally after giving birth my open water swim I swore not to put myself through that again but sorry, I can't give up so easily.  I will train harder next time, I will know what to expect, I will improve and I hope to even have parts of the swim where I enjoy it.   On Friday at 6.00am when your alarm clocks are going off I am doing the Waterfront canal 1.6km swim with some girlfriends.   The water is supposedly clean and checked.   I hope I won't hate it and get my confidence back a little.  I hope not to cramp.  I so want to master this open water swimming and I still haven't shelved doing a mini tri.  

This is my awesome teammates that allowed us a 3H31 minute finish time in one tough, tough race:


  1. Well done? One medal between the three of you hardly seems fair. :( I love showing of my little medals.