Friday, February 15, 2013

Might I have a thing?

What's YOUR talent Mom?  I remember Rebeka asking me that question after bedtime prayers when I had thanked God for all of hers.  Well lets go down the list shall we:   I don't sing, I cant dance, I can only cook normal unexciting food, I don't knit, sew, bake.  I have nominal ball skills and I can't do cartwheels or run or mountain bike.  Pottery not so much and mosaic OK and that's just because it doesn't require perfectionism or patience.  I don't have a brilliant maths brain, take incredible photographs or bake like a French pastry chef.  I am not especially groomed or smart although have been known to scrub up well.  In short, I am not a master at anything but a Jack Jill of everything.   I am an all rounder OK-ish at everything.  Now I should probably be grateful but hey, doesn't everyone want to have one area where they excel?  I do, I do!

My achey back takes me out of many things I have the potential to be good at.   The one thing I AM good at is determination and hard work.  I am not lazy and you add my competitive streak which means if I am not good but have the potential to be, I'll work my arse off.   Today, I SWAM my arse off and I am so frikkin' chuffed.   I find it hard every-single-time.  Like I never get anywhere or feel less exhausted.   With 9 days till the big race, this is worrying.   Today, I cruised.   I wanted to time myself and even though the pool is vastly different, I still get an idea.  My aim was 60 lengths freestyle in 30 minutes.   A month ago I had recovered from my op to get to 40 lengths again in about 35 minutes. I took breaks in between and did breastroke when tired.  This was a solid 60, 1.5km no rest.    I have booked 3 little lessons with my girls swim coach and on Thursday she taught me a few things.   I got in the pool today and off I went trying to be mindful of all Angela had taught me.  Up and down slowly but surely and for the very first time, I wasn't vomit-tired.  I didn't have to rest and I found my groove.  60 solid lengths later I got out the pool and checked my time.  32 minutes.   Not the 30 suggested but for a newbie, I am well pleased with myself.  

I just CANNOT come last stone next Sunday and if I can also not be in the last 100 (1000 take part) then I will be pleased.   Maybe this will be my thing?   Open water swimming taking part in events.   Improving all the time, getting stronger and hopefully having less back pain.   So I won't be no Penny obviously and I know I am way weak compared to most real swimmers but this gives me something to work towards.   I have a cool little group of girls to swim with thanks to Hanel and we want to do sea swims, dam swims, the Waterfront canal and all over.   I found a 2nd hand wetsuit for the cold swims for only R700 (R3000 new!) and have bought real goggles.   Í am so amped and although I still haven't given up on trying to run and cycle, realistically its probably out unless God makes me His poster child for perfect healing.  NO back pain and mouth spasms gone for ever.  Please God, I will smile so nicely and even wear make-up when we do the poster shoot.

PS.  I ate a carrot cake and chocolate Lindt ball just before the swim, it will now have to be part of my training schedule.  Clearly!


  1. Mel, I love reading about your swimming. It is inspirational and reminds me that I have so much to be thankful for, and encourages me to get off my duff and push myself.

  2. Well done on achieving this.
    My sister is a huge open water swimmer fan,she is off in June to swim the Island to Island in Sweden for her 45th Birthday.She took part in the World masters in Rome last year and did the open water swim there.
    Here's the link to a report about it.

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