Monday, March 18, 2013

Vouchers, mag subs and a purple dancing pony please!

Nothing?  Really?  You really want buggerall for your birthday?    I am always amazed when that is the reply to the wonderful anticipatory question of: So what do you want for your birthday?!   I so don’t want nothing.  I always know exactly what I want and have a list.  I am not sure if that’s greedy or presumptuous but being of practical nature with a love language of gifts, I myself like it when people tell me they want X, Y, Z.  So much easier.

I love my birthday being sentimental and romantic too.  I love the sense of occasion and reflection as I look at where I am in my life, where I was and where I am going too.   Having lost too many young friends way too early, I appreciate the privilege of growing older.    I am pretty much half way through my life.  Although I am going through a very hard time battling my dystonia (meds day 6, no relief, wanna weep!) I am generally pretty happy.   I love my kids, I like my birds, I love 2 out of the 3 dogs I own and sometimes like the other, I love and appreciate my husband.  I am grateful for my parents being together and pretty OK health wise, happy my siblings and their critters are OK too.  I have amazing girl friends and I need more than 2 hands to count them.   My studies are going well and in just 22 sleeps, I turn 42.  In twenty THREE sleeps, I fly off to my Sing trip.

So due to the fact this is a random bday and I fly the next day, I have decided no party.   Maybe an afternoon picnic with critters at the Nature Reserve the Friday afternoon before should God bless me with plenty sunshine that day.   We had stern words when I turned 38 and my picnic had to be moved indoors due to Him listening to some farmers or someone else needing rain.    

Now I know this is a little age 6 but it’s MY birthday so here’s MY wish list:
I want a dancing purple pony and Justin Bieber to sing with me and an elephant who talks and a real tiara.   OK not really.   Maybe just the pony.  I would love the following:
Mag subs one/all of  Runners World, Oprah, Traithlon Mag, Women’s Health from friends/my sister.
A salad spinner from my mom.  Have always wanted a salad spinner, odd I know.
Spending money from Gary for my trip
Daniel to type me a proper letter and finish the collage of my jumpy Mel shots he was meant to give me for my 40th.
Tennis skirt from the tennis girls Size L
Meringues from Priscy
Pink rain jacket from my walking/fitness buddies Size L
Pedi from Hermi or Thai Sabai
Pedi from Nina so we go to Siem Riep with our gorg slangkoppe aka toes
Toy style watch from Woolies from my girls
Vouchers from Sportsman’s Warehouse or Mr P Sport

Ta dah…easy peasy.  No endless walking up and down wandering what the hell to buy me.    Some of you probably think I am frightfully rude and forward and I hope you are not offended and you of course don’t have to buy me anything and I will even give you a piece of birthday cake.  Others probably think I should tell you I don’t want gifts and rather donate to my fave charity but I am just not that selfless when it comes to my bday, sorry!   Hopefully you will just think, typical Mel, no BS and just says it like it is and knows exactly what she wants from life.   Trace you can get me the purple dancing pony!
Purple Pony


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