Wednesday, May 29, 2013

9 months down the line

Remember last year when I had the big Mama wobbly when my son got his first real GF.   He had liked her for such a long time and when she finally liked him back I was terrified for his brand new shiny heart.  I just couldn’t bare the thought of his potential heart ache that great first love inevitably brings.  Yes, some childhood sweethearts do marry each other but most of us at 16 who just loved that boy SO much, ended up marrying another boy.

When I could see that love and friendship and caring reciprocated I finally relaxed and let them be.  It hasn’t all been easy for me and I definitely had to re-programme the relationship to a new level and a new way of being together.   One doesn’t feel jealous when your boy loves another but you do feel that pulling away and sense of loss as you see more and more childhood slipping away each day.   In less than 2 months he turns 17 and in less than 2 years, he goes to varsity.  Too quick!

To her he is not a child, not a boy.   He is her partner, her man and her person.   We all want to raise children who will be great partners to their love and I love what I see so far.   He loves fiercely and bravely and massively.  He is not shy to be himself ADHD and all.  He loves and laughs and teases and cherishes and protects and adores.   They are good together and I am frightfully proud of what a cool boyfriend my son is to his love.  I cannot predict the future for them and I hope they don’t get their hearts broken but I do know he will be a great husband one day.  As for being a great dad, judging on the way he treats his sisters things aren’t looking fab but I will put that down to sibling stuff and trust that one day in the future this big heart I witness will extend to my grandkids.  In many years!

PS.  While I know I am biased ever so slightly did I mention he is pretty damn handsome too!

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