Friday, May 10, 2013

A month ago today

Today a month ago I was on a plane on my way to Singapore.  All that planning, anticipation and money and now it is just a lovely memory.  I guess that’s what memories are, good times once had.  It has been a very long month.   The 2 weeks away were divine and relaxing and I love spending time with my sister.   Although different in many ways we are the same when it comes to family.  My folks and older sister are not sentimental or big on occasions like birthdays, Easter, Christmas etc.   They don’t do family dinners or big Sunday lunches.  I think my baby brother Paul would probably be a little in between Nina and I and the rest of the bunch.  Nina and I love entertaining and family functions and girlfriends and holidays.  One of the big reasons we were both so stoked about me moving to Sing was the sharing in doing the schmaltzy stuff.  Picking out a tree, Halloween with the kids, birthday parties, Easter egg hunts etc.

Anyway, my 2 weeks back have been pretty good but my mouth has been sore lately.  It was perfect there but I was chilled and we drank booze every night.  It really works for my mouth, the good ol’ sauce.   Now its exam stress and family and normal stuff and my spazzy tongue gets spaz.  The tetmodis has been very disappointing for me plus I can’t go to the loo.    I am always too scared to take something to make me go because what if I am somewhere and I need a poo and I am unable to find a place to go?!    The horror!!  I see my neuro on Monday again to look at other options.  I want to try the deep brain stimulation but its finding a qualified and willing doc to do that.   If they screw it up I might land up with more than just my tongue being spaz!    Oh God it is such a pity you won’t just make it stop but I am grateful for so many things I will stop moaning about the few things you decide not to do.

My exercise is going well although I am still without a bike.  I have found myself a triathlon coach to help me get going.  He’s my swim coach so now it’s just the other 2 disciplines to work on.  I have managed to get myself running 6kms.  It sounds pathetic when people run 42km but I couldn’t even run 1km so I am happy for now.  I want to build it up to 10km and try and run +-20km a week split over 2 or 3 days.   I will swim for 3 and then find 2 days to cycle.   The first tri sprint will be in Oct or November and then Xterra light next year.  Maybe I will find a few open water swims to do as well.

Otherwise everyone is well.   We all loved Bieber and his show was so impressive.   I can see he was a huge Michael Jackson fan and the dancing and lighting and special effects were awesome.  He really put on an entertaining show and watching my kids rock that hard was just divine for Gary and I.    Studies: I have written 2 subjects and have 2 to go.   I know I did well in those 2 so now it’s trying to keep it up and not lose momentum. In July I start HIV and HIV counselling as a semester subject which should be really interesting.  I love that I am learning new things, expanding my mind and changing old thought patterns and view points.   Life does indeed begin at 40 and I made a conscious decision to start doing all those things that I had left on the shelf while I was raising my kids.   At age 8, 10 and 16 and being more independent I get to enjoy more time and freedom.   Yay for not having another baby which is something I NEVER thought I would say.

Time for bed.  To sleep the WHOLE night because I have no toddler climbing in my bed or calling me.  Funny how life turns out when I was SO gutted I didn’t adopt or have that 4th and now I have moved on.  Finally!

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