Thursday, May 23, 2013

Time for a new blog?

So the big Singapore Fling clearly never happened and will unfortunately never happen.   That relocation gap has passed me by and I am OK with it.  I started this blog just over a year ago when I found myself missing writing on my Bosom Buddies Blog.  Writing is so cathartic and a great way to look back and reflect on past achievements, losses, growth spurts, stagnant phases and all that life entails.  I miss the interactive nature of the typepad blog, having plenty comments and debates even though some got ugly.   I do know if you have an opinion and you express it publicly be prepared for the backlash.

So now I am thinking its time for a new blog as I am in this new phase.  First we had the charity and my surfing and my kids being pretty small.  Then it was surrogacy and the start of my studies.  Phase 3 was the big move and then then big non move.  Now, the biggest things in my life are training for my triathlon sprint, dealing with my in love teen, trying to cope with my oral dyatonia/dyskenesia and my Social Work studies.  New time, new focus.   Its tempting to go back to typepad and only about 100 dollars or so a year.   Or do I stay with blogger/blogspot whatever its called.

My new blog will be called meljustdoingit and have my Nike swish.  Right now though Mel has to dash off to take the girls to hockey.  What you think chicklets?   Stay with my present blog or make a change?