Wednesday, August 21, 2013

42 going on one hundred

For the past 2 days I have been shuffling along like a very old granny.   The muscles in my legs and arse are so tight and sore I could cry.  My arms are not too bad but wow my thighs hurt.  
As you know this New Year’s Eve I decided my goal would be to complete a triathlon.  I decided the fact that I could not run or cycle was simply details and at least I could swim although not brilliantly.   January I started swimming, April I started with my running training and at the end of June I got my bike.  My studies mean limited time to train but I do actually love exercise so fitted it all in.  The running stayed hard but I eventually got to 10km.  Because I am a stubborn poephol, I do not go to boring pilates as suggested.  I also don’t stretch nearly enough as I have the vicious circle of being really inflexible and tight so not wanting to stretch and being so tight because I don’t.    Ja, ja, I know it’s dumb!  

Two weeks ago I hurt my heal after running on the treadmill.  I think its plantar fasciitis which is a total bitch as I cannot run or even walk at this point and it took such hard work to get to the 10km.  I see a bio on Monday morning and hope to sort it soonest.   Last week on FB I see this triathlon training group advertised in Stellenbosch.  I mail the perky trainer Mia and explain my age, fitness level etc.  She tells me the group is training for half iron man and I tell her I am newbie training for a sprint triathlon.   Based on the description I presume it’s some kind of stretching class to relieve the hard cardio training triathletes do.   She assures me I can join the group.  Tuesday evening I rock up in a long sleeve top and no sweat towel, we are stretching after all.   Not.  No stretching.  Skipping, planking, lifting, lunging, weights, cycling etc yes, lots of it continuously along with the other perky people all aged around 25 and really fit.  I died!  I paid and told her I would not be returning the following week.

My ex pilates teacher warned me last year not to go to bootcamp because of my back.   She said she treats too many injuries from people who have attended.  Too many trainers have too much enthusiasm and too little knowledge and training.   They do not account for individual levels of fitness and form.  I think this women was irresponsible in throwing me into a class like that.  If I ever get a trainer I will go for someone older.  Gary has been with Desiree for years and she knows exactly how far to push his body and what works and what doesn’t.  Training isn’t a one size fits all plan.   Don’t tell myself this as you know how stubborn I am but sometimes I wish I hadn’t set this goal of finishing the tri.  It’s on October  5th and its bloody exhausting exercising so damn much.  Because my running is out and the pool is cold I only swim twice a week which means I need to find some serious cardio stuff to do the other 4 days.  This week I discovered spinning which I love and have done 2 classes.    At least it doesn’t hurt my foot although I hear my thighs weeping when I walk towards the bike.

Next year my new year’s resolution will be to crochet a doily or knit a frikkin’ scarf!

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  1. I would LOVE to join in you in next years goal - doily and scarfs are awesome! im addicted to your blogs! love them! keep persevering Mellie, your such an inspiration. and yes... some trainers think that their clients need to walk away feeling half dead. such a stupid mentality. Thinking of you and walking the road with you. my mind is in the same space as yours although our bodies just differ.x