Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quickie Fling in Sing

So I am here in Singapore for a quick week to sort out the kids school and look at houses.  I only booked appointments at 3 schools as I had looked at many on-line and these 3 worked in terms of all 3 attending, location and space available.  In my hometown we are fortunate to have incredible government schools at very affordable fees.  We do have private schools as well that are also excellent but I have never found them to be that much more superior and the fees do not justify the small fortune we would need to fork out for 3 children.

Here the fees are insane.   To give you some kind of comparison...the admission costs plus first year fees for all 3 for the Australian school for 1 year costs more than all 3 finishing school from grade 1 to grade 12.  I kid you NOT!   Its called the Australian International School and its pretty impressive.  Today we see The Overseas Family School which was our first choice.  Monday its the Canadian school.  I want to have booked them in before we leave so we will make a decision on Monday.  

Its a scary thing gambling with your children's lives.  Taking them out of excellent schools where they are thriving.  Separating them from their very good friends who I have grown so fond of.   Being far from my folks their beloved Mimi and Pops as well as their cousins.  Sometimes Gary and I look at each other and think what the feck are we doing?   Really?  We really doing this?    Leaving our beautiful spacious house that took 9 agonizing months to renovate?  Leaving our rottie Zara Clara?   Yes, deep breaths, yes we are.   I want to do this, I want the adventure and the change.  I even love the muggy heat here and the evenings walking around in summer clothes. 

Yikester let me sign off, I feel Agatha my anxiety jumping up and down like an over excited dog.  Off for breakfast in our beautiful hotel.  We are staying at The Intercontinental and we each have our own queen size beds.  Deee-vine!  Chat later.  x 


  1. Oh Mel! There are bound to be some serious doubts, but hang in there - you'll get through it and given time, you'll look back and have a giggle at all the nerves that are happening right now.

  2. Mel, I have read about you on Tertia's blog. I am a bloody German driving her nuts with my comments from time to time. I am currently in the same shoes as you are - we are relocating to Ontario in about 2 weeks!! It is superexciting, yet very nerve-wrecking. I look forward to your blog as it will mirror our move in some ways and not in others!! Take care, Nicole. (I am Nicole Jacobi on Tertia's FB).

  3. My sister in law's kids are at the Canadian school - they love it, from what I hear!

  4. Oy Mel... I might consider something that big now as my knucklehead is all grown up, but I would really have battled to do something like this when he was younger.