Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Emigrating is not for sissies!

So it looks like we have narrowed everything down and we are close to formalizing the school application and the house.  It seems house hunting is a little like husband hunting.  If one could just combine all the good things from each one and mix it all together then perfection could exist.

My house is spacious and I even have my own study.  All bedrooms en suite and a large room upstairs we are already calling Mimi's room.  Its close to the Australian school with nice places to walk The Goose (my Jack Russel Lucy)  The kitchen is OK , not wonderful.   Outside area pretty nice and tiny garden quite pretty.  The only prob is we want a small pool so we are fighting disagreeing about losing the only bit of grass we have.  Gary happy to have zero grass and I want some lawn.   Tomorrow we meet the pool rental guy to see what is possible.  The first guy we saw today was useless.  I am very service focused and its always the decider for me.

Now I am off to dinner with Nina.  Jazz my HK friend has been excellent in finding me a whole bunch of potential Sing friends who I hope to connect with when we arrive in July.  I also met Helen a Singaporean local today who is a friend of Olliet's.    I know we will be happy here and eventually get settled but I feel really over whelmed with all their is to be done.  My exams are 3 weeks away and even though I trekked all my books here, they remain unopened.   Sh*t!  Must study, must!

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