Friday, May 18, 2012

The Golden Goose

My most notorious blog post on my old Bosom Buddies blog was about dogs and why you want to get one.  What made you love them so much, post pics on your FB, spend thousands of rands on them etc.  I couldn't get how you could love something so smelly and annoying and how the hair and poop and crotch smelling didn't freak you out.  My money would always go into the Starving kids in Africa tin.

People got highly offended by this post and we had some fun doggy debates.   Fast forward a year or 2 later when Gary decided to bring a 6 week old rottie puppy home WITHOUT my permission.  Just for the weekend he says, if I don't like her we can send her back.  Yeah right.  WHAT-EVAH!  

By the end of the weekend the kids and I were crazy about her and Zara Novitzkas joined our family.  I love the name Zara and it would have been for one of my daughters.   I was totally maternal about her, she felt like my baby.  I got it, that love you have for your dog.  How they really do become part of your family.

Her first birthday on the 18th of April was celebrated down at the river where she loves to run and swim.   We had guests and cake and doggie treats.  We had gifts.   At that time I was negotiating with  Gary like crazy for another baby.  I was begging and praying and rationalizing.  I just so wanted another babe.  ( I was meant to be a mom of 4!)   Two days before D-day (had to do IVF due to vasectomy reversal etc) I called it off.   I didn't have peace about it and I knew deep down that it was just not right for us.  He didn't want a baby, he was only doing it for me.   In the early baby discussions he had told me I could get any dog I wanted if we didn't have a baby.  In hindsight the fact that I still tried to force the baby issue after that statement just shows how that baby want makes us so blind.   So after calling off the IVF I was very, very cross and very, very sad.   I took a while to recover and then off I went to buy Lucy.   Lucy the Goosie, Luce the Goose or mostly just The Goose.

I love The Goose.   I love walking with her, I love that she is hyper and a little crazy like us.   I also cannot believe that I am bringing her to Singapore.   The schlepp of the tests and paperwork etc is adding to my stress levels not to mention the small fortune I am spending to get there.  Who would have thought I would have been willing to spend R20 000 on my R450 dog?  That earlier this year we delayed our house fixing because Zara needed an expensive op.  I am a dog person.   Me, a real dog lover.  They are just so incredibly honest and sincere and their capacity for love enormous.  I still hate being licked, crotch sniffed, poop and hair.  That will never change.  But dogs in general, I just love them.  I am so glad we decided to bring The Goose with.  Parting with Zara will be so sad but knowing how happy she will be will help so much.   Love my woofles!
This is a pic of my youngest daughter Sofie (LHS) with The Goose and her doggie sister Lilly who was bought by Sofie's BF Dani.  Unfortunately the dog sisters don't get along but the girls do and Dani's mom is one of my bestest friends ever.   Will miss them so!

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