Friday, May 11, 2012

What do I do with my studies?

So this year was all planned.  I was going to study Social Work through UNISA and do 3 semester subjects this semester, and 3 next.  In addition I had my 2 year subjects so that made 8 of the 40 modules.   I was also going to continue my job as its part time and I work from home.  In fact I work in my beautiful study that is a result of the painful and costly renovations we did last year.  9 months and a ton of money and we have the perfect home.  Tra la laah, everything going well according to plan and everyone very happy in our new home.

Then came Singapore.   STOP.  Halt.  And change.  Change everything.   Schools, home, phones, medical aid, job, countries.  My carefully planned path no longer.   The problem is what do I do with my studies?   I am studying on-line so technically it is quite possible to continue studying through UNISA.   The move has me so distracted and I just googalize Singapore continuously.  Going overseas a month before exams is not the wisest move either.  I did minimal studying there and its taken the whole week to recover from my jetlag.   I write next Monday and Tuesday and then again on the 12th of June.  I am struggling a little.  To stay focused, to regain my initial enthusiasm.  I am supposed to register for the nest 3 subjects on the 18th of June.   So what to do?

I can register for them and carry on as per normal writing 5 subjects the end of the year.  The advantage is I have a focus and purpose in Singapore which I will need in the absence of work and friends.
Or I can just keep my 2 year module subjects and pick up new subjects next year.
Or I can finish them and give up studying all together (tempting!)
Or I can find a diploma/degree course to do there or even a shorter one.  The length of my current degree (6 years!) is what daunts me.  If I was doing a 2 year course it would be far less scary.

Oh what to do!  For now I am giving these exams my absolute best shot and I am in fact, hibernating next week completely.   I also see a UNISA counselor on the 23rd so I am hoping for some wisdom and insight before the 18th of June when I am meant to register.  What do you all think I should do?

PS, I want to get into infertility counseling and possibly adoptions when I am big.  Like age 46.


  1. Wow, so many conflicting words of wisdom. Thanks. Not. Where you all? Oh ja, new blog, minimal readers, must get more!

  2. Sjoe! I don't know how you do it all. Best of luck. Sorry no advice from my side. Just thinking of you and will be saying a little prayer that all will go well. Hugs. x

  3. You have a lot on your plate, Mel. Go with your gut instinct... sit quietly, close your eyes and go with your heart song. I think we all try to rationalise things and try to "make sense" of the chaos, but sometimes your heart knows best. Bestaluck!