Saturday, May 5, 2012

Home! Home?

I arrived yesterday after a very long and uncomfortable flight.   The cool thing is when you get to JHB you stay on the plane and half the people depart.  I cannot believe I lived in Pretoria for 2 years.  In SA we have to put up with horrendous crime like being the number 1 rape capital in the world and African bureaucracy and corruption. The pluses are the incredibly beauty we have of winelands and stunning mountains and our beaches and our colorful population.  This all mostly in Cape Town and other coastal towns so I do feel sorry for the Gautengers.  (yes I know your weather beats ours and your people are friendlier!)

So you know that horrible post holiday depro feeling you normally get when you come back from overseas?  Well I don't really have it so bad.  I feel very in-betwixt and between.  Like happy to be home but wanting to go back and get settled.  The whole house deal fell through BTW.  I was horribly disappointed as had done all the measuring and worked out who slept where and how my furniture would look.  I do know that when things like this happen, its always because God has something better up his sleeve/cloak.  (I met Gary a month after breaking up with the alcoholic ex I was bizarrely crazy about.  Story for another day!)  I also had to remind myself we originally only looked to get an idea of houses as our furniture would arrive the end of July.   We have since found a very nice affordable service apartment for the 1st month which takes the pressure off and we can extend the stay if need be.  It has a huge pool and close to Nina so they can come swim every day after school.

I have been up since 4.00am and its only 1.36pm now.   It will be hard to last till tonight but Gary only gets back next Friday so no parental napping shifts/turn taking.   The next 7 weeks will be crazy, 3 kids birthday parties, a farewell, a house to pack up, exams to write and a job to hand over.   Flip, forgot I had to study my anthro today.  Might just give myself off.  Tomorrow, I will study tomorrow. 


  1. Allow youself that peaceful glass of wine just after the kids have gone to bed and its that precious first 5 minutes of QUIET. Exhale and close your eyes ... just not long enough to actually nod off :-) take care Melly xx

  2. In my thoughts and prayers, Mel!

  3. Hey Mel

    Well, I followed you on your previous blog and now I land up back here again....Emmigrating is no easy task and I take my hat off to you, we've contemplated it often and the last time we went so far as to actually send me for my English test so that I can get a "settlement visa" and ALWAYS something comes up that makes us stay!

    I look forward to sharing your journey with you and wish you all the best of luck!