Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cymgen/cymbalta side effects making my tongue go crazy

It seems I am once again going to have make my friends with Agatha my non-beloved Anxiety.  Why oh why can I not handle any ADs?  I have tried all sorts and the worst side effect is always oral.

I have been on Cymgen for almost 3 weeks and after the initial nightmare of feeling super wired, chills and sweats and a tight jaw I thought things were settling.   Then last week I started doing this odd thing with my tongue and haven't stopped.  I have googled it and I think its related to Parkinsonism or maybe Tardive Dyskenesia.  I push my tongue against my teeth & palate constantly and have to keep on swallowing my saliva.  My mouth is so incredibly sore I can hardly speak by the end of the evening.  I also want to bite down hard,  especially on my RHS.   Last night I stood in front of the mirror with my mouth open and tongue out and looked totally retarted  spaz special (r word probably not PC?)  I was watching my tongue spasm constantly and I could see it do all odd things and could understand why its so painful.   I wish I could keep it still and just give it a break.  I will call my psyche later this morning but I am definitely not taking this mornings pill and cannot wait for the relief once its all out my system.   ,

The real bummer is this is the best my back has been in years, amazing pain relief.  I am hyper sensitive to meds so for those of you with constant chronic back pain who can handle meds, I would advise you to speak to your doc and try it.   Off for my walk with Goose and Claire, chat later in the week. x  

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