Friday, December 7, 2012

2, 4, 10 Done

Is it just me or has this year whooshed past at a crazy speed?    Break up day at last and an amazing 5 weeks summer holiday to look forward to.    For me, no more extra murals and the rush of the driving around that it brings.   Daniel is easy although now its lifts to the GF or places they want to go.  The girls do loads, especially Rebeka who is keen to try everything and anything.

Sofie coped way better in grade 2 than in grade 1.  Her teacher is less of a yeller so she didn't have that auditory freak out from last year.   The Soetlief Programme was also a wonderful help for her to manage her emotions which means less stomach aches.  Unfortunately her tummy seems to be her weak spot and where her stress or anxiety and even excitement manifest.   It is related to her blood sugar which is in turn related to those emotions.   She also gets a sore tummy if hungry so between managing her eating and emotions, her stomach aches are not so severe.   (New readers I have taken her for a gastroscopy and abdominal scan and taken her to play therapy and a dietician and it all comes back to how she feels)    Her report was pretty damn OK and I am satisfied with her effort.  I am not sure if she will get to her sister's level but that's just fine.  She is my Blixie baby girl and I remain as crazy about her as the 1st stunned moment when I met her and my baby boy Zack was none other than a GIRL baby called Sofia Josephine.

As for the sister, my Rebeka nerdy pants had a brilliant report of course.   Grade 4 is the first time they do exams and I didn't help her very much as I was studying myself.  She is such a pleaser and loves school and doing well and all the activities they have to offer.   The other day she asked me what I think about her doing chess.  Well Rebeks, between swimming and riding and dancing and art and drama and music and athletics and regular school work I just don't think we can fit it in.   Well how about javelin?  Javelin?   I am not sure children who weigh 32kg will do too well at javelin but you welcome to try at trials.   I love that she tries everything.  I am very proud of her gutsy determination and her work ethic.  Her siblings need much kicking up the bum encouraging to do stuff so to have this little perky pants is pretty cool.  

And my Daniel.   While I didn't crack open a bottle of champers or my wallet, (he was promised money if he achieved certain % per subject) I also didn't jump off the nearest bridge which is anyway rather low.   He did improve from last term and his shitty year marks from a shitty year obviously counted against him.   He did try harder this term as he was threatened with losing his room upstairs if he didn't.   Him and GF are still in love and if the pheromones of hormones gave you hayfever, I would be sneezing constantly.   I hope he improves next year as those marks count for varsity.  He really is a super bright boy but typically lazy.   Last year he was a normal nice boy.  This year he has been a full on teen and holy-frikkin-moly but its been tough.   I spoke to another mom today of 6 boys who also said its way harder than she imagined.   I love that boy, my Daniel who I share that unique bond with from our first 6 years of just us before we were lucky enough to have Gary enter our lives.

And me and first year of Social Work?   Well as you know I only did 6 subjects as when then wheels came off after no Singapore, I thought it wise to do less subjects.  2013 I do 8, 2014 I do 8 and if I am very brave, 9 in 2015 which are all year subjects.    I got my results for 2 of the 3 subjects I wrote this semester.  I past both with distinction.  I am well chuffed as that means so far only 1 of the 6 subjects was not a distinction yet still 60 something.   The result I am waiting for is my law subject which was a written paper.  Its also the one I screwed up that assignment on which means with my lower year mark the chances of a distinction on that one is very unlikely.   My study stress has been positive stress.  It was hard to get back into it and very hard to get used to distant learning and studying.  Now I am on a role though and at times I think what the hell am I doing this for, I am mostly super motivated . 

But now its beddy bye time.   I am still healing well and while I don't have full mobility in my neck, its really improved.  I feel stronger and have managed 2 days sans my daily nap.   As for the emotional side, I still need to work through a few things and sit still a while and journal and pray and reflect.  I go to Hermanus tomorrow so Sunday will be a good day to go to the beach early and alone and make sense of all of this.
Nighty-Nighty everyone. x

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