Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy Xmas!

I LOVE Christmas.     As someone who is sentimental, loves family, loves yum food and loves giving and receiving gifts, Christmas is my fave holiday.   Loving Jesus and being so grateful for all He brings means the meaning of Christmas makes it that much more special.

Celebrating Christmas and how you do it is a personal choice with endless varieties.    The thing with choice is, it brings about that nasty little cousin of self–righteousness and judgeyness.   (My blog, new word!)    People believe their choice is THE choice, THE way.    Unfortunately some clappers are often guilty of this although with good intentions.

People have issues with tree or no tree.  With the commercialism of gifts.   Of the actual date as it’s not officially His birthday.  They have issues with non believers celebrating the day, issues with non church goers going to church on Christmas.    They have issues with telling kids about Father Christmas and the fact that it’s a lie.     I tend to think of Jesus Himself and how He would view the day.    I cannot imagine He wouldn’t enjoy having people get together with family and friends to share a meal.   With people exchanging gifts and blessing each other.    With hearts softened and good deeds often done around this time of year.    Reconciliation of people previously separated.  With excited children waiting for this magical guy on his sleigh with flying reindeer bringing their present down a chimney to leave under a tree full of sparkly pretty things and flashing lights.  It’s all good and fun and family and wonderful.

Let’s not pick it apart so but just enjoy it and allow others to do the same.    Jesus loves everyone and knows everyone so has to get a little kick out of people who don’t know Him that celebrate His birthday anyway.   He must enjoy having them visit the church for their annual service.    I wish you all a wonderful Christmas filled with the essence of Christ Himself which is love and peace and grace and new beginnings.   For my special friends who have to go through Christmas without people they love who are no longer with them, my heart goes out to you and I know it’s a bittersweet time for you.  I hope time will eventually heal the harsh grief and you will be able to have joy and peace amidst the sadness.

PS.  My 8 year old well traveled Sofie reckons Father Christmas has a team of helpers as covering the time zones around the world causes logistical problems.     She is SO excited to finally eat that very last chocolate!

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  1. I miss the excitement that goes with having young children in the house at Christmas... Its become a bit of a non-event with my boy being a grownup and money being so tight.