Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The boyfriend Analogy

So we did wedding yesterday and today is boyfriend.   You will be pleased to know this is my last wallow post.  I am going to force myself out of this miserable funk and grow some balls.  They will be small ones initially (it is cold after all) but they will grow as time passes.  Next post will be my Pollyanna post and what I plan to do with my life in SA going forward.

I was telling this boyfriend analogy to Gary the other day before we got the no-move news.  How you have this boyfriend and you make it work but then things don’t go well and things start to annoy you.  You eventually break up after telling him that his mother smells and his father felt your bum a few times.  You also think to yourself how he had a rather small penis and things were not that hot.   (You don’t tell him this though, just too cruel!)   My boyfriend was SA as I was getting ready to go and the cold was getting to me and the gross inefficiency, crime etc.   The good stuff has always outweighed all this but when you leave, focusing on the bad stuff makes it easier.

Now my boyfriend and I are back together and I have to persuade myself his penis is just fine and with a little deo his mom will smell better.  His father probably had his hand on my arse by accident, a few times.   I think it would be easier if it wasn’t such miserable weather.  I do NOT lover winter.   I would be the one person in Sing would wouldn’t have an issue with the heat.   I need to swim for my back but I can’t seem to get myself in the water.   I will get used to the not so divine stuff about my country again and accept it as I simply don’t have a choice.    The crime pisses me off and checking out the mugging/rape possibility of an empty field before we walk through is just a reality of being here.  I do love the incredible mountains where I live and I love that in summer I get to swim in our ocean sans oil like in Sing.   I love my friends & family who have all been so supportive and I love my home.  I will totally love living here again and accept that no boyfriend is perfect.  I just can’t do it very well right now.

Next step is TTLFT.  Things to Look Forward to.  I have to have them, always.  They can be little or big but I need them for my happiness.   Perky Pollyanna post to follow!


  1. Shame honey - hope you are back to your perky self real soon. See you on the 25th!! xxx

  2. You are sounding better. Which I am pleased about as I don't like my friends feeling awful. Keep looking up! Xxxx

  3. oh my gosh, I just thought of tertia's lovely sister this afternoon and came to see what's going on.

    Am shocked. Obviously you're now over the worst of it? but I can just imagine what it must have been like!

    big hugs to you!

  4. I am so sad for your disappointment I don't even have any clichés to spout!

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