Friday, June 1, 2012

So why AM I moving so far away?

Last week Sunday I was chatting to my niece Katie.  So why you moving so far away Auntie Mel?   Why indeed Katie?  Why am I leaving the country I love and I am passionate about.  Why am I leaving my very good girlfriends who are my support network.  My church.  My rottie Zara and cat Charlie.  My home that is finally just how I want it.  My family.  My studies, my job, my LIFE!

Its difficult when you are actually really happy where you are at and life is good.  When your kids are settled in their schools and doing well.  Sofie my 7 year old had such a hard year last year in grade 1.  It was an enormous adaption for her and she struggled.  This year she is doing loads better and has an awesome teacher.  Actually last year's teacher was great too but Mrs H is a better fit I think.  Taking them out of school and their gorgeous bedrooms is the hardest thing of all.  At their age their teacher is a like a rock star, I don't think my teen Daniel has quite the same level of adoration for his teachers.

I am moving because I have this little travel bug that has lived in me since I was 16 and I went on a 2 week Truworths modelling trip to Rio and El Salvador.   I love the adventure and excitement of a new place.  I love the foreignness.  I crave adventure and change and enjoy pushing myself to see how I cope and who I actually am.  Sometimes I surprise myself, other times I disappoint myself but its all healthy growth with new perspectives and insights.  I know living somewhere is not a holiday. That reality will bite and I will get homesick.  I know some days my kids will cry and want to come back to SA and I will feel guilty and question what the hell we are doing.   But I also know that our minds will grow and we will all learn so many things.  I know my kids will change and develop and the world and their lives subsequently will never be the same had we stayed.   I want to be hot and swim every day, I want interesting food and things to look at.  Places I have never been. I want to feel safe and be in a place where everything works.   I know its over polite and a little sterile compared to my raw Africa but I can do with a little safe for now! 

The overwhelming schlepp has robbed me of much of the joy and excitement of going but every now and again I think of something cool and it comes back.  In 25 days I will be on a plane, no return date in mind.   My home will have other people living in it.   Crazy!   The stress of this is making me close to cracking but I do believe in what we doing and this is why I am moving so far away.  For now!


  1. So there's no job or awesome opportunity for you there?

  2. Smelly Melly it's tough in the beginning and I miss my maatjies but I've made some new ones too ... take lots of photos of the mountain and have a look at them when you feel sad - kind of replenishes any sadness that I feel and then I haul out photos of Arniston and times with Maggie Mary and I feel warm in my heart again. Its an adventure and Singapore is so different that it will add so many more experiences to your already 'crammed full of other experiences' suitcase .. enjoy the ride my friend! Leigh

  3. As you know I've lived in Phuket for 3 years and we decided to come back to Cape Town because there is no place like Cape Town. This is where I/we belong. Yes, it was a great experience to live overseas at first but eventually you start to miss family, friends & everything from SA. My question to you is: would you be happy when Daniel finishes school in 2/3 years time and leaves home to study abroad, if that's what he wanted to do? Your girls will adapt quickly, but Daniel being 16 will miss his friends here BIG time, and he might not adapt that quickly. I have an 18, 16, 12 and 11 year old. My daughter is in Matric and hopefully will be going to UCT next year. They have lived in the East and they wouldn't want to go back there to live. The grass is not always greener on the other side.... just speaking from personal experience. You are about to embark on a life changing experience. I wish you all the best.