Monday, June 18, 2012

Brollie in cocktail Holiday

I did a looooong post filled with charming wit and interesting details but stupid blogspot wouldn't let me upload a photo or close that window so I had to log out and lose the info.  I even left it the whole night in case it was just hanging.  I need to actually think what to do with this blog at all.   I know its annoying to try and comment so I might go back to typepad and just re name my BB blog and pay the money.  Its not that much anyway.

So most of you know from FB that I am about to on holiday, tomorrow!  We salvaged the Singapore tickets and changed the leaving date to a week earlier.  It makes the big days marked on our calender easier to handle.  Today on the 18th was Elliot moving day so the whole weekend would have been frantic packing.  Now today I get to pack my bikini and not much else (fibbing, not a light packer!!) and get ready to go.

We fly to Sing tomorrow, hang at the airport for 6 hours, fly to Phulet, drive to pier and hop on a speedboat to Phi Phi.   We have 5 days there of snorkeling and swimming and eating and napping and then 5 days in Phuket for shopping and more swimming.  Then back to Singapore for 8 days to spend with Nina and her family.  I want to show the kids all the places I have been talking about for months.  It will be a little bitter sweet but it is what it is and I have accepted it.   Once we come home I move forward with 100% commitment to my life and country.  No looking back or wishing or weeping or longing.  I will spend plenty time praying and yakking to God and journaling and just grounding myself again.   He is very easy to find in peaceful places like Thailand and I always have these amazing revelations when I have those kind of holidays.

I have managed to finish all my study assignments and for once I take no laptop or no work.  Best I go and pack and do all my frantic last minute stuff.   Thanks God for this trip, please keep us safe and pour your favour on every little detail like flights, luggage, hotels etc.  Amen and hallelujahhh! 


  1. Mel, you are in a different place, mentally I can tell. Well done! Maybe give us 'double details, on both blogs, then close this one down? Have a fab holiday! Xxxx