Sunday, June 24, 2012

Unclenching, unfurling

I think its hapening, I  am finally starting to relax.  We are still staying at Phi Phi and we go back to Phuket tomorrow.   The flight over was grueling and the kids took strain.  After 13 hours we arrived at Singapore and took a cab to Russel's place (one of G's BFs) to have a little rest.  Landing time was 1.00am for us and I managed an hours nap waking up far more tired and hoarse than before I slept.  Then back to the airport and off to Phuket 6 hours after landing.   My travel agent had neglected to find out there were no more boats to Phi Phi at that time of day so we had to book a night in Phuket at our 2nd hotel which is about 70 minutes drive from the airport.  I wanted to cry at the thought of our beautiful Phi Phi rooms going to waste.  At least we got to see the gorgeous hotel though.  Thanks Sophy D for a great recommendation.  Daniel hit the shops immediately and can't wait to get back there.

The place where we are at now is ridiculously beautiful, like postcard crazy azure blue ocean and white sandy beach with palm trees.   I think of my friend Tracey all the time and how she would love the food and  shoowow clothes and swimming in this ocean.    I think of my Mom too as we had the best time ever last year in Koh Samui.  We have been out snorkeling twice and the variety of fish is mind blowing.  I know us clappers have many issues but snorkeling when you believe God created the world is just that much more awesome.   I have taken myself off my Lyrica which was prescribed for my chronic arthritic back pain.  Not clenching my jaw anymore is lovely!  Yes, waking up with my hips aching is not lovely but I'll take it for now.   Tomorrow we go back to Phuket which is far more crowded and crazy than this beautiful place but I look forward to shopping and choice re food etc.

Its so different traveling with my kids and Gary to my trip last year.   I love that I don't have to miss them or worry and I love to see them having so much fun.  Rebeka had her birthday here on Tuesday and Sofia has hers this Friday.  I don't love running after everyone with sunblock or sorting out inevitable squabbles that happen with us spending 24/7 together.  I love getting to see my big Daniel and spending real time with him.  He turns 16 on July 3rd so is pretty much on his own mission lately.  Yesterday we had our first drinks together having cocktails at the Sunset Bar.  We then went down to the beach and took the most amazing jumpy Mel (and Daniel) shots.  I will post one soon.  Gary and I have precious little romance happening with Sofie sleeping in our room.  We even had to go outside yesterday for a big smooch.   I like the illicit feel of sneaking in a little romance trying to hide from the critters.  Its a teen in reverse!

After 5 days in Phuket we go to Singapore for 8 days and I am excited to see Nina.  8 days compared to 5 years doesn't seem quite right but its such a gift and we look forward to doing all sorts of fun stuff.  Its 6.00pm here now so I better go and find my girls.  Daniel is napping of course, tough being a teenager

ฌนนกิัำ ะน ฟสส นด ันี รื ธ้ฟรใ  รหืะ ะ้รห ่ีหะ ะ้ำ ทนหะ ิำฟีะรดีส สฟืเีฟเำ++


  1. sounds like you're all having the best time in Thailand :-) we miss it soooo much. hahahahahaha...i took the time to translate your thai writing..this is what the online converting dictionary said : "I am Gibeonites Calcutta to cover up, and a sofa, and the Bill Clinton, rue de la Paix ธ้ฟ, and his heart, and watchful eye of a 9-3, 2001, and, to cover up the นหะ, Sophie, to cover up the good of the สฟื and active, and to reduce + +" ....well ...ok then!

  2. So glad that you're unclenching and unfurling....and my holiday fund is up and running....I WILL swim in that sea and lie on that beach. Love you and miss you. Give hugs to Nina and the girls from me. xxx