Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1 week post op

Aren't our bodies just incredible?    Our creator formed us with such genius and I marvel at many aspects of being present in the human body.    Obviously pregnancy is a biggie and one that will always stay miraculous.  An egg and a sperm that despite its minute size, contain a vast amount of info that culminate in a person which a specific hair colour, nose shape, ability to catch (or not) a ball etc.   Another is our ability to heal.  Last week I was in ICU, BP 77/55 and unable to move.  My throat was dry and sore from the tubes and I felt like a very fragile little grandma.   A week later and I could go watch my daughter's fun day and while my competitive spirit was sulking a little at being left out, I stood  grateful that I was there at all.  (Betcha I would have nailed the sack race!)

Each day I get a little stronger and do 1 hour life, one hour rest.  Today I had the doc after the fun day so by the time I got home I had to nap for 2 and 1/2 hours.  Me who struggles to sit longer than 10 minutes could sleep for 150 minutes?   Once again interesting that my body needed that to renew again.   By next week I will be driving and I hope the headaches will drop off as I am dying to walk again.  Goose too!   My doc says by the time Christmas comes I will be 100% brand new.   The doc took the staples out which was sore but now feels better.  He says the pain from the wound is from them cutting through muscle.   Why many of you chicks CHOOSE C-sections I don't know?   Being cut like that and sore and vulnerable and still having to take care of a newborn?    You braver than me.   Yes squeezing that same marvel of creation I just spoke about out your vay-jay-jay is no joke but you can have an epidural and afterwards you are just fine.   Hey, hey, no rude jokes about our fans!    

On Monday evening I lay in bed with my 10 year old Rebeka and she asked me what I was afraid of before I had the op.  I told her of leaving them, of not being around to be their mother.   I was careful not to express my fear of dying to my kids prior to the op as I didn't want them to panic.  Her answer:   Mom all those girls who visited you in hospital and brought you mags and chocolates and sweets and filled our house with flowers and brought us supper every night and did your shopping, THEY would make sure we were all OK.   I got a lump in my throat at the absolute truth of her statement and how blessed I am to be so loved by so many incredible woman including my family.   I have so many different kinds of friends and each one would impart in their lives.  They would always be loved, cared for, mentored, advised, gently disciplined and the wealth of knowledge and wisdom and kindness and love of my friends would be theirs, always.

I missed my 10 years in my house celebration on the 15th as I was in hospital but I have been in Somerset West for a decade now.  I still have many precious friends from my past, but this decade has given me an additional richness in friendship that is beyond what I could have imagined if I remember back to the first 6 months being lonely and missing my GFs in Pretoria so badly.  

Thank you God for my life and my loves.  I will honour both by never taking them for granted and I will be 100% available if you need me to send them any kind of love message from you.  Holy Spirit, just poke me a little and if I don't listen you can even nag till I make that call, send that text, buy those flowers, have that lunch or send that anon pedi to those GFs with dodgy heals.   I'm your girl, at your service!

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  1. Stunning post, Mel. Us gals should always stick together because together we can change the world :)
    So happy that you are well on the mend, your body has taken quite a knock so don't rush it, slowly does it....