Monday, November 26, 2012

Life, happy & sad.

Today, like all days, is a mixture of both happy and sad but especially sad.  Lets start with the happy:   My big sister Tertia turns 44 today and even though she isn't big on celebrating her bday, I hope you enjoys knowing she is loved and celebrated by many.  Another happy is my healthy body that has healed so well already and only day 13.   My scar is a long 15cm ugly one and a quarter of my scalp has an army # 1 haircut but I am grateful to both God and my body for my recovery.  This poor body who was so abused in her twenties:  not a drop of water, no exercise, hours in the sun, late nights, lots of drops of alcohol and never an appreciation or marvel at all it did every day.  Fortunately the care I put in my thirties made my recovery so much quicker and I am healthily devoted to this ol' body for the rest of her days.  (Singing my Olivia Newton-John version...)

Then its the funeral of a 6 year old little Scottish boy who I found on a link on FB.   Its not one of those BS try and make money stories.  He got very, very sick and his father who is an incredible writer started this FB page and somehow it grew really quickly with people around the world praying for him.  You can follow his story   He got an meningococcal bacterial infection and lost both his legs and one arm before eventually losing his life.   It just grabbed my heart and I prayed for him faithfully.  I still pray for Kate btw.  For three solid years she stays on my prayer list and I read her mom's updates.  Kate was diagnosed on Sofie's 5th birthday when she was just 6 years old and she is in between the ages of my own precious daughters.  Being a mom makes us a universal nurturer of all children.  I adore, adore, adore kids and wish I could pluck so many neglected kids from awful circumstances and love them how they should be loved.

And then our Aidan.  One year ago Aidan lost his life and forever changed ours and we still miss him so.   Life seemed innocent back then, our families invincible by the barrier and optimism of youth.   He was part of our church, part of our very close life group, part of our friendship circle and one of the very few people Gary allowed in.   Gary is selective with his friends and even though Gary is shy and Aidan so outgoing, somehow they shared this sense of humour, a love of poker and fun and close friendship.  Gary's birthday is tomorrow and I remember last year how absolutely devastated we were.    A pretty shitty birthday.  Tomorrow night the guys celebrate both Gary and Aidan in the best way they know how, poker and cigars and a few rude jokes and lots of laughs.   Aidan we miss you.  I often think how blown away you would be at how brave and awesome Michelle and the kids have been.   I salute their graciousness, their unfailing belief & faith in God, their strength and Michelle's amazing ability to laugh 100% even when times are tough. Miss you seems far too inadequate to express our grief when someone isn't here but its the best we have.  We all miss you so!   

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