Friday, November 23, 2012

3 Steps forward 1 step back

Day 10 and I am doing pretty damn well, most of the time that is.  Yesterday I felt a little bleak at being so sore and tired but today I googled recovery after an craniotomy and brain surgery and I was grateful I am this far ahead in the healing process.  At the same time I know I cannot rush it.  Me and patience, not BFFs.

I had decided today was the day I started driving.  I made it to Sushi lunch with Heather and to the gym to drop the kids off for swimming and then no more.  Its just too sore to turn my head so reversing and checking for traffic is too painful and therefor not very safe.  I had also packed my costumn and goggs and  was ready to do a few laps to try and get more motion in my neck and back but no go.  S L O W L Y does it I guess.

Why am I not resting now you ask?  Because of my Fekking Pool!    After Don Schultz built it 8 years ago and did a momentous crappy job, we struggled with it trying to keep it clean.   On day 2 of being home the new pool guys were scheduled to empty the pool and re line it with fiberglass and paint it.  I have an old Oomie ex police officer driver guy who sits and does nothing while this poor young black guy works alone.  He has no mask on his face and has to sand the bumps off with a face full of that dust he breathes in.  The owners are trying to rush it so are doing too many pools with too few helpers and the job is sloppy.  No owner or supervisor in site.   I have to walk around with a pencil marking all the sharp spots that would cut the kids to ribbons every time they swim.  They just want to paint and fill the pool so they can get paid.  Its bullshit.   I have been on the phone to the owner who assures me the worker Simon can check the pool.  Poor Simon said he is trying to rush and needs help but has a deadline.  I don't need this BS, it makes my mouth more spazzy as it makes me stressed.   (I am giving them a chance to redeem themselves before bad mouthing them on FB and maybe even Hello Peter)

Anyway, I will stop moaning now.  I am getting better, I am grateful but I think I need to rest more because this is just too exhausting and my brain needs to heal.  I have scary little brain moments where I can't think of the word for something or write something totally different to that I which I am thinking.   Not forever doff, just healing.   Off for a little zzzzz, nighty-night.


  1. Yes sounds very like me -- rest!

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