Monday, November 12, 2012

Take your mark, get set.....

And I am ready to go.  I just want this over now.   I have been so yo-yo since booking this op.  Relaxed and calm one minute and Agatha fueled the next.   The silver lining has been pretty bright though.  I have felt very loved and appreciated by my friends and fam.  I feel so blessed to have so many cool people in my life who care about me and who I care about.   Love makes the world go round, it really does.

The other semi bonus is when I become Morbid Maude, I start to imagine the what ifs and the shitty sad stuff makes me savour every second of this past week.   In the past I have either been working, mothering babies or studying so having this past week and a bit off has been awesome.    I am not a big shopper or gym bunny or coffee shop girl.  I am very much an outdoor girl though so have had a week of my fave triple combo:   good friends, natural outdoorsy beauty and endorphin inducing exercise.   Monday was an 8km beach walk with my friends Claire & Bee and my dog aka The Goose.   Then Claire took Goose home and I had a surf with my ol' surf chick friends who I haven't seen in far too long.  Very little waves are taken but much time is spent sitting on our boards talking sh*t and smiling at each other because we are all so damn happy to be out in the ocean.  Tuesday was a 10km walk with Bee in Lourensford which is just so gorgeous.   Wednesday was another 8km walk with Claire followed by 2 hours of tennis with Colleen and Michelle.  Thursday we did a 5.30am walk and then I was off to my pilates before our bunk day.  The bunk day was spent with my 2 Bfs going to Boulders to see the penguins and have lunch and swim in the sea.   We saw 1 sad penguin, got ambushed by a class of 10 year olds on their school field trip and then battled the tourists to find space in a restaurant for lunch.   It took hours to get there due to the winds and a road being closed but somehow with all the oddities the day was divine and we plan to do it more often.

Friday was a rest day and emergency fix my pedi day.   One's toes need to look beautiful when undergoing any kind of surgery!  Saturday was just Goose and I and we did 10km down at the beach.   Strand beach is filled with weird and wonderful people and I loved watching everyone and felt so damn happy to be alive.   I asked God for another 40, not that heaven isn't wonderful or anything but I love life.  I love feeling vital and young youngish and healthy.  I even thought of a Pollyanna perk to my sore back:   I never stay in bed in the mornings as the pain is always bad when I wake up.  Even on holidays I am up at 6.30am which means I get an extra long day.   Sunday morning Sofie and I met BF Jen and we hiked up the Helderberg mountain to the waterfall.   I had to go to church looking sweaty and not so much.  I was vain enough to change my hiking shoes and remove my buff which protects the back of my neck from getting sunburned.   I looked so lesbo in the outfit and I thought with all my passionate talk of gay rights and that outfit, I might just make people thinking I have climbed out the closet. 

Sunday day was chilling and then back down to the tennis court to play with Colleen and Glenda for over 2 hours.  I cannot believe we stopped playing tennis for so many years.  I LOVE it and the fact that I am pretty suck does not dampen my enthusiasm.  We laugh and yell and vloek and sweat and its like a mini holiday.   I have to admit my back is really sore today so possibly overdoing it somewhat.?!   I did do a short hours walk with Bee and Claire this morning so now I think my body is ready.

I appreciate all the prayers and good wishes and energy sent my way.  I love the love.   The fear of dying did lessen when my dad told me HE prayed.   He said his last prayer was for Tertia to have a child and she got a whole heap of extra critters so he reckons he is good at this praying thing.  With requests coming once a decade I figure God would be pretty willing to answer such an undemanding man.   Another 40 years please Jesus.   I appreciate my life, I squeeze out every last drop, I try and live my life with excellence and do it the best way I know how.  I LOVE my kids and Gary.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my children more than I could ever express and I need to be here to raise them.    I hope to write in a few days all better and my mouth no longer painful but back to normal.  I want the end of 2012 now and I want healing and a fresh start without pain and discomfort.  I want to fly, I want to live, I want to thrive, I want to grow and I am grateful for the gift of my life.  

PS:   I will get Gary to post on FB tomorrow post op and tell you all how well it went. 


  1. Thinkingof you, and praying (am not on FB). Be well.

  2. Pray all went well yesterday and you are resting and recovering well.